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I need some simple modification for my MMD character
Add some motion data and lights

is a very simple job that requires little time

I'm looking for someone urgently ... the work will be paid

Email Contact:

add me on discord Seven77#1361

I'm looking for writers and programmers as the only person


I'm looking for a collaborator for a visual novel Yuri, an English-speaking writer with some experiences

it would be nice if you could program on Renpy or Tyranno builder, I have some experience on Renpy.

Feel free to contact me -

I have already developed a Visual novel, you can find it on steam

Thank you so much :)

I seek English mother tongue to help me for a visual novel, no more than 2-3 chapters

Contact me on this email -
Or Discord -  Seven77#1361

Find my VN on my profile

Hey Thanks :)

I'm looking a Unity programmer or any programming method that you're familiar

I have various ideas in mind but I don't know what could be better

A game similar to arkanoid or Qix / Gals panic

It would be interesting something similar and I would like to take inspiration from lethal league

Personally I also take care of the artistic part of music production

I'm interested in short projects but also in something challenging

For any info you can contact me below or via email -

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I'm looking for Renpy programmer for medium-length visual novel who wants get experience

Contact me here

Rev Share project

I don't see you anymore, have you deactivate your account?

what happens?

I can confirm that there will be a linux version

Okay, I put it

I think yes , check tomorrow maybe I could put it

Thank you Daniel