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mooscle good

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Started a new save and it's looking great! I like how you actually added the taunt skill for Ben. Also, is there a way to enable fullscreen?

Edit: The boss theme sounds really awesome, what song is it?

Finally playing this

will there be hardmode?

Will it be the last update?

Good luck with your job

These architects

She's literally white and red, it's perfect for it


Orange is the ass man's choice

Wow 24 new characters! That giant bird one looks like something out of Dark Souls

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I thought this game to be very interesting, do you plan on making more of the genre in the future? Are you working on anything currently?

casuals btfo

hope you enjoy it


Neat horror game i can see you two really put a lot of thought into how to build up tension with the sound design. Also the uncertainness of coming around a dead end or wall that you have to go around and losing the day makes travelling interesting, it's always a gamble. But i beat the game and still have a few question:

-is there anything else to find?

-i tried speedrunning the game to see if i could find the dude before he became a skinwalker or yeti, to no avail because from what i gather the map is randomly generated and you can't find him or the cave before he goes cuhrazy (THOUGH it is stated that people started disappearing so maybe he was always a skinwalker or maybe the guy on the radio was really just some dude and once he got to the cave he gets killed and the creature takes the radio).

-do boots warm you or increase your walking time? Not very clear, tbh.

-Is the dude a skinwalker or a yeti?

-How long did development take?

LOVE the art, can't wait for more.

other changes i noticed:
swapped the position of the book and the coin in the forest.
fixed being able to go back to the shadow realm again if you've left without killing him

also the shepperd has some lines in the end that i first missed because it's really hard to talk to him when there's a horde after you lol

tfw no hell parasite gf to watch tv next to you in complete darkness

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Glad you can take feedback and providing it is the least i could do.

thought the same about the pathtracking, in the city structures are simple, enemies have no problem following you, but in the forest were each tree has a gap, they end up making a weird conclusion and get stuck.

Also i'd like to mention this game is the first time i've heard the word "obliquely", actually had to look it up so i could understand what the phrase meant lol.

As of writting this i just got the true ending and i've been playing this game for like 6 hours lol, i tried making this summary of what i think to be good and bad (also this review has a bunch of spoilers for anyone who wants to play):

cool stuff:

-exploration: Really enjoyed discovering the world in the start, i believe this comes naturally in games with good world-building.

-replayability: starting from zero isn't that hard and you can progress pretty quickly, making doing more runs to test different scenarios and get other endings pretty easy.

-art direction: "An usettling adventure" is a good way to put it indeed, the cartoony MS-DOS style works with the eery story and world to give the impression of a much more adventurous FAITH.

-helpful failstates: If you die doing something wrong you get hints at what was wrong, these can also help you getting some endings.

-dialogue options/writting: This is probably what i most spent my time and runs on, just trying different scenarios to see how the NPCs respond, i wouldn't have done this if there weren't as many different scenarios so i really like this attention to detail.

less-cool stuff: 

-wish there was more dialogue for some characters

-couldn't find top left and bottom right inventory items, are they not yet added?

-there is no reason for killing the ghost or the shadow priest because nothing changes and you get nothing

-the night timer is a bit too long, i feel as if it could be more of a barrier at the start of them game. Unless you're activelly taking breaks there's always enough time.

 These is hardly a problem because they likely are due to
 the game still being in development or so i think.


-enemy pathtracking (most noticeably on bosses) and the cat's fallout 3 companion ability to block your path, maybe remove his collision with the player.

-bosses sometimes get stuck in trees, like the ancient tree when chasing you and the fire titan when wandering around.

-if you go back to the old lady's house during the end sequence, the wall she puts up for the monsters doesn't go down and you're forced to restart, this really sucks because if you want to see the dialogue you have to throw the run.

 The game has some pretty great writting and functions surprisingly well for it supposedly being your first, i hope to see more from you in the future, thanks for putting it out and good luck on game-dev.

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Glad you understand and can take feedback, good luck on the project.

Honestly i already have enough of human women in real life, haha. But i guess you are right, it would be better to just have more bunnies, but maybe have different designs for them? All the bunnies are kinda similar, broad hips narrow shoulders and are very thicc, maybe there could be a big warrior bunny, like an big strong amazon; or an agile shortstack (short) bunny, like the other ones but smaller and more athletic, less thicc.

The industrial revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

How much content do you plan for this next update?

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   The rpg elements are fairly simple, i think the gameplay shines in the character's roles as their respective classes, each with their exclusive skills that you can optimize to for whatever you want, the dungeoning is a good choice for party progression i think, THOUGH i find the weapons and armors to be the gameplay's biggest weakness, they're basically all the same with the progression being a bland tier system, it makes grinding for gear very boring.
   The story is plain yet well executed and the characters are somewhat interesting and memorable (forever beloved my autistic awoo wife).  The romance actually takes a part in gameplay (easy way to level up allies) so you actually have an incentive to partake and progress in it for reasons other than for the nsfw scenes, i think that's pretty clever design.

I play on windows 7 and never had any issues with bugs and whatnot, cool game, thanks.

just download the game to try it, very worth it, imo. Why depend on newground's jank?

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   I've said on my review how promising the game is and mentioned it's positive features, but i'd like to elaborate on what i think could be improved here, other than the obvious like the spelling mistakes which can easily be fixed, i think the pacing of unlocking areas and acquiring bnnuys was too fast, i believe this is due to the fact it's a demo, but for example: when i first played the game i played the old version that had the OP rats, i got to the wolf boss then updated my game to V2. everything after this point was a complete steam-roll, i never again had to go back to the home to sleep because i was burning through bandages too fast, i did every other area in one go because i was always stronger than the enemies, so maybe there could be added a hard mode for players that like a slower pace and want to see more of the rpg element. 

   To add to the previous paragraph, there's no reason to save the boar skin for the boar armor in the beginning because the crossbow or knives are much better. Maybe the armor would be worth it if Ben took the role of a tank and had a "taunt" skill or something, were all the enemies focused on him and maybe he gets a small defense boost when doing it.

   Also, i think it would be nice if in there was a way of killing the bosses again, like there is a small random chance that you will find them when roaming around certain areas. This would be cool for getting 100% but i think it should only be avaliable for endgame otherwise Ben would be too OP. 

Also also i think it'd be cool to have anthros of other species, not just bnnuys, though i guess you are already working on this, but still.

i hope you can read this (lol) and that you find someone to translate the game for you, i like your game and think it's pretty cool.

Free my man Dan Schneider

the ride never ends