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other changes i noticed:
swapped the position of the book and the coin in the forest.
fixed being able to go back to the shadow realm again if you've left without killing him

also the shepperd has some lines in the end that i first missed because it's really hard to talk to him when there's a horde after you lol


Very good points.
I swapped the position of the book and the coin because, if by chance that is the fourth coin that you collect, you would be abducted instantaneously!
And yes, I fixed the tentacle that was abducting you again if you leave the shadow realm without killing the hooded one (that was a damn big oversight).

To be honest, I also fixed a minor bug where the volume of the wind was behaving inconsistently depending on wether the player was outdoors or indoors when the bell rang; and I even the rough edges of the forest a little bit more.