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Awesome! That was quick. Thanks!

Awesome! Just a minor detail: tile 48 has a blank/white line running through it, which may cause some tearing ingame. Other than that, this is perfect! Thanks!

Post your worst first tries here

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This difficulty spike is just brutal, tho...

These are professional level stuff, dude! Not only the assets, but also the tutorials you made to create assets in this style. I can't thank you enough... You're awesome, and I hope you achieve all the best in life!

Esse eu não entendi =/

This gave me goosebumps... I love how the fascist commentaries makes the world darker, but breathing fresh air and "other stuff" makes the world brighter. Thank you for this!!

Muito bom!! Parabéns pela sacada genial, mano!

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Very nice soundtrack! I loved how it kinda changed pitch when we got hit.

The collision on the fox is a little off, though. Most times I didn't hit any cactus at all, but was still slowed down.

The mechanic of losing more time/time slowing down when we got hit is quite interesting, but sometimes when I got hit I would be stuck on the same cactus and the next one, and it would be like a chain of hits impossible to avoid, as I couldn't jump over any of them anymore.

Anyways, great job! Gonna listen to some more of this song before going to the next game!

Just finished it also. Great job!

The moving platform mechanic was fun, but only when it was possible to "follow" it. Some very fast moving platforms were impossible to stay on it, making the only possible way to get through by spamming the jump button.

Also, I really liked the reload level button! Made it so much easier when I screwd up, and it was an instant retry! No downtime whatsoever! Very nice!

Also, if possible, make the resolution a little higher? The window was a little too small for me. No problem if it's going to get pixelated, but I think the field of view is quite important.

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Nice adequation to the theme! And it's addictive, indeed!
Though I wish i could restart with the keyboard, and not only the mouse.

Also, just realized that playing with the mouse is about 4 times easier than with the keyboard. Looks like we can shoot more times without rotating as much as with the keyboard.

This would be a great mobile game!

Really fun game! Objective was super clear from the beggining, and took just a little longer to understand how everything works (without looking at the instructions, of course).

Leafenzo comment pretty much covers it all, but I want to emphasize one thing: sometimes I would have to click several times to land... Maybe the trigger collider to enable landing is too small?

Nonetheless, congrats! Excellent game!