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I love the aesthetic. The controls were just confusing enough to be very satisfying to get the hang of, and the audio/sfx/music design is chef’s kiss. Overall a very lovely short exploratory game. And, today I learned that I should never try to sail a boat.

It’s a neat concept and I like the music, but the controls are really difficult. I’m on a mac and neither the arrow keys or WASD work, so I have to swipe with my touchpad and that only works about 25% of the time.

Ahh I’m so glad you picked up on that! That is so satisfying to hear. Thank you for playing.

Ha, yep, it definitely allows for a brute force approach, but I was also aiming for pretty so I’ll take that as a success! Thank you. Game #2 is in the works, so I appreciate the encouragement :)

I agree, some of the click targets are a little small, especially if you’re not on a big screen. I’m delighted to hear that you liked the sound and the art! Thank you for playing, and for the feedback :)

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A short point-and-click puzzle with a little bit of text adventure thrown in. This game is good for a break: plug in your headphones and enjoy some soothing sounds and hand-painted watercolors while you try to figure out how to get the sword out of the stone. In the process, you may learn a little about why this mysterious sword is in this mysterious stone.

Gameplay around 20-40 min, depending on how much you like clicking on stuff. 

 Made with vue.js and traditional watercolor art. Enjoy!

Thanks! That did fix the problem. I had to download the zip file, open it, and then move the file itself (NOT the folder it was in) to another location. Once I did that the errors stopped. You might want to specify that mac users need to move that file specifically to another location, not just download it to somewhere outside the Downloads folder.

I was able to download and play on an older mac! OSX 10.9.5 worked. I do think the issue might be app translocation on newer OSX versions, but I’m not sure how to get around that.

Thank you for the game, that was lovely! The meta aspect especially, not to mention the bonus game I got where I learned about app translocation :)

I liked the sound- it was simple and atmospheric without feeling repetitive. You brought a lot of interaction to a game without having to actually build in all that interaction, which was clever. Very nice.

This looks like such a cool game, but I can’t play it on my mac! It crashes with constant Read-only file system: errors. I downloaded the game into a folder with read/write permissions, but the errors are coming from somewhere deep in my filesystem. I think this is due to app translocation, unfortunately. I’m on macOS 10.14.6.