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Looks beautiful!

Wow! You sure it's a zx81 ? ;)

I think your gfx look great

Just to let you know Henry - I've used a few of your monsters in -thanks!

Hey just to let you know - I've been using some of these in - my only problem is creating enough magical items to match your output :)

Great idea! :)

Very nice - I'll use these in

looks awesome!

Indeed :) Too lazy to change my name from a game I worked on a decade ago, lol.

Zorbash is a classical roguelike, with pixelart and ascii modes. This is an early pre-alpha-early-access-whatever release. Feedback is welcome.

Thanks! - modified them a bit and downscaled and used a few of them in . I've credited you there too.

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Awesome - added some of these to

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Thanks these look great - I'll use them in a little roguelike I'm working on (and add you to the credits page) - fyi

This does the trick, in case anyone else needs to join the images:

np - it was just useful to browse all the monsts in one image. 

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I guess I should have bought the PixelMob item instead - didn't see that until now :) is it possible you could send the .png to me via email ? BTW love your art - would be interested in a bundle in the future with all your work. BTW slowly using your work in this game

Hey, is it possible to get a single png with all the assets ? I don't use Godot but didn't see any way to buy just the spritesheet. I just need the raw gimp png. You had this format for the pixel items - would really appreciate it.

great work!