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Hi there!

We don’t currently have an open commercial license on the art, but @ROLLINKUNZ (the artist) is a friendly guy who likes helping make games. Please reach out to him and let him know what you’re planning on using the art for! He’s the one who owns the copyright to it.

I’m sorry, but could you explain a bit more? When you click “KEEP”, nothing happens? If so, can you try again after having developer tools open (hit F12) and telling me what the output in the console is?

It’s ok, they go to a happy little farm where they get to romp around with other orcs.

A fantastic game with really great puzzle design. I found lots of “red herring” type distractions and “double layered” puzzles that made you think “Oh, this is probably how I solve it”, when the solution was actually something totally different.

Overall, a great little game to relax to and think hard on. Excellent work to the team.

That’s great to hear! I’ll ping you when the Android app has been released 🐵

Unfortunately, Godot builds seem to be rather hit or miss on mobile web browsers.

We’ll be releasing native Android apps soon, and then hopefully iOS ones as well.

I hope the desktop experience is better for you! Let me know if you are still encountering any issues.

Glad you like it! 💚

I love this new form of communicating lol

Nice job. I like the simplicity behind this. One thing I think would be helpful is having the ability to store multiple notes in the app. So I can have various writings I’m able to edit without having to save individual files.

Overall though, a nice simple tool. Good work!

Much like your todo list, the simplicity of this really hits the spot for when you just want to type. Nice job :)

Really interesting tool. I did find myself able to quickly leap into a stream of consciousness thanks to the threat of deletion lol

And when the timer finally went up, and all my letters disintegrated in front of my eyes… I was at peace.

Nice tool, would use again :)

I like the potential here. Right now it’s a bit tedious to edit, but the level of control is also a good thing.

I think if you were able to introduce a few features that allow for bulk editing (like messing around with group parameters, and selecting multiple vertices at once), then you’d have the best of both worlds: fine level control + fast editing.

Overall, I really like what you’ve got going here. There’s a lot of work that’s gone into this, especially for a jam, that’s plain to see.

Excellent job! Good luck if you continue with this, I can see it being pretty useful for people.

Pretty good maze generator. The ability to select the maze type is nice, and I was able to make some pretty good sprawling mazes out of it. Sometimes the path did seem a little straightforward, but a few generations later and you’re bound to come up with something decent.

Nice job!

There’s lots of game idea generators out there, so it was smart having yours stand out by giving it a cute AI mascot.

The 3 options it gives you allow for broad interpretations as well. Nice job!

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Nice entry. I like the idea, and could see this being useful if it gets fleshed out more. Otherwise, it’s always good fun just to doodle with spaceships lol

For the color help, have a look at this Godot shader: Palette Swap Shader

Thanks! Art by @ROLLINKUNZ

I’m not sure what you mean. This isn’t for any one specific game, you can use these goblins in all sorts of things.

This could be a really nice way to bookmark stuff, but unfortunatly the web seems more locked down and most of the previews are broken because of it. I wonder if there’s a way around the x-frame-origin.

Other than that, I love the idea, and when it does work I see the potential.

Nice job!

lol I actually really like this. It’s simple, but with a little UI touchup I could see this becoming a popular little tool used to create short & fun web games with. Like Flickgame 2.0

Maybe add some effect options? Like the ability to change hues & saturations on images, or playing & stopping gifs. HTML images are pretty deep in their abilities, so targetting them was a smart move to allow for more options if you decide to continue this.

Anyways, fun little tool. Nice job!

This is really nice. Pretty much complete control over dithering effects which I don’t see in any other design tool. Not to this level.

Very nice, and very useful for sure!

Is this black magic? Possibly. Is it awesome? Definitely.

Great job, this is a really neat tool that I can see myself using to quickly send certain files to others in a somewhat secret way (mostly just for fun though).

If anyone wants to unscramble this super secret message, you’ll have a surprise.

Very nice & simple app. Straight forward, no fluff, no workflow you need to learn. Just a fucking to-do list. Sometimes, that’s exactly what we need.

Nice work!

I love the aesthetics of it.

You’re lovely 🤎

Graphics all thanks to the wonderful ROLLINKUNZ (itch || twitter)!

We plan on making more updates to this in the future, and will keep in mind your suggestion. Thanks!

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Thanks! Even more “game-juice” to come in future updates :)

The art was made by ROLLINKUNZ (itch || twitter). He’s wicked talented!