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Oh my gosh! I'm so glad y'all had a great yeet!

It's a really quick and easy solo game but you could totes trade scenarios with your friends and compare and contrast who you yeeted into the sun. 

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Hey Feademon, the game is listed as 3 players because it's based on a story with 3 people but I've seen it played with as few as 2 and as many as 5. You just need to change up the amount of cards you draw.

You could totally play it solo. Just draw the cards and answer the prompts  like you are the only one to receive this visitation and skip any cards that are about the group of you. 


I had never head of BAD MOON before. I'm going to check it out because of this comment. Thanks for taking the time to check out my game. 

I love this. I hope you have some good laughs. <3 

Thanks for doing this!

Hey onlydashes, 
can you message me on twitter or email me at soon so we can talk about your game being in the Fraudulent Gays Game Jam Bundle?
Please and thanks,

Sorry I just had to vent my happiness and excitement at the wonderful games y'all are putting out! Every time I see a new one my heart fills up. Thanks for making wonderfully gay games! <3

I'm going to try to make sure I've tweeted them all out at some point and feel free to use the #FraudulentGaysJam tag if you tweet them so we can find and retweet you! <3

Hey thanks for trying my game!

I'm glad you were able to eventually find a trip to the sun that worked for you. XD
It's definitely meant to be more of a quick silly game with a ridiculous  end for some icky people. I was thinking of rewording some of it to make it clearly more cartoonish then actually violent so thank you for the feedback! <3 

Hey, half my games start as just stupid punny titles.

This is valid. 

Thanks again for checking out my game and the nice comments! <3 

Played this and got to be a little old lady gossiping with the town's bees. What more could you want?

Ever had trouble coming up with fun ideas for building your character's background? Well this game lets you play to do it! Fun and helpful.