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got 3 endings, yay?

Difficulty spikes way too much around sample11, not fun when the story is engaging.

Probably one of the funniest alternate history romps I've played

Is land really a core mechanic of 4X? Most 4X are space based.

For the amount of work in a short amount of time, and it pulled some emotional heartstrings like some of my favorite games like To The Moon, which the creator told me this was based upon, it gets 4.

Why it doesn't get a 5:

1. The English dialogue, while decent, is obviously not from a native speaker. A lot of saying "Owwww" after an insult, jab, or surprise which gets annoying, but is tantamount to immersion breaking. Especially since the game is set what seems to be a European country of some sort. No native English speaker says "Oww" repeatedly, only Asian English speakers do that (I'm Asian, so I know).

2. Some minor gameplay annoyances. Sometimes you can't get through a door to the next area if you are coming from the side and must face it head-on. The fetch quest seems artificially extended, especially those parts that simply have the escort character saying to check the notes or grunting, not advancing the story.

3. The plot was a bit predictable, however, even with that in mind, it was still very emotional and heartfelt. 

It gets a 4 as those things doesn't actually detract from the story focus. The game can be finished in under a couple hours, if not just one.

The page itself states that this is a very early demo, more like a mockup. Do know I am still working at it.

Is there a downloadable version?

Controls? Also, is it random or pre-set?

Yes, Unity games run perfectly. It's probably a false positive, and I played the Web version, but just a heads up.

Malwarebytes says this is malware.

Okay, so she emailed him a picture, but he never at once thought to email her on her email rather than on Minty?

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Let's get the excuses out of the way, the point person I was in contact with in the sponsor organization was embroiled in a move so he was swamped and did not get back to me until today.

So winner of the Crypto Jam is...

BITCOIN SURVIVAL by Old Mohave Games Studio! The judges were impressed with the amount of gameplay features and intertwining cryptocurrency with every day life, even if fantasized.

Runner up was Carved In Bytes for mostly graphics and original story.

Thank you for joining the Crypto Jam, despite all the hold ups.

P.S. I am now free to advertise a new jam I'm hosting, the 4COOP jam. No prizes this time, and it's a month long.

Samx (@gmx0)

Crypto Game Jam Host

When I get confirmation from my sponsor to award the prize money. It's taking awhile, if people need proof or whatever, they can ask me.

Worse comes to worse, if the sponsor drags on, I will at minimum pay the $100 part of the prize out of my own pocket then announce the results, I guarantee that.


If you submitted a game, you got the following email, so check it! It uses a different address than my previous emails.

We are now awarding the prizes! However...

We neglected to ask contact info for our submissions (my fault entirely), and the email list for this jam is hidden and only shows up as a group.

So please reply with:

The name of the game you made

Your username on

Your email address

Your social media you can be quickly reached at

Thank you for your patience!

Samx (@gmx0)

Crypto Game Jam Host

I have played a lot of your games, especially the strategy ones, but none of them have downloadable versions. Please put downloadable versions.

Please add a downloadable version.

Sorry, the 2 other judges have not gotten back to me with the results. Rest assured we are still working on it.

Needs a download. Seems interesting but it won't run in my browser.

The clutter is sort of part of the joke, but I can still improve it.

Yeah, I had that in my planning, just haven't implemented it. I will do a post-jam update though with the features I neglected to put.

I'll probably do that in the post-jam update

It's probably just me, but the typing is too slow.

This looks familiar.... lol. 

I'm technically done, but I wish I have more time to balance the units and structure making and add more weapons and stuff.

Thanks! That is really helpful.

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If you want to count it as an old project, I wouldn't mind, I'm not a strict person (as there is no judging). However, the intent of the jam is taking things you've already abandoned that have not seen the light of day and turning it into a finished game. So if it doesn't feel old to you while you are working on it, then probably not.

I remember games like this. Called the Third Party (Third Side?) and also Skyward Collapse.

What exactly is the issue? Did you download the EXE or the Game Maker project? The EXE is what you need.

Old Game Maker versions can't, but GM: Studio can, however, you need a Mac computer, too.