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Gordie Murphy

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Thank you, let me know how you get on with it if you try it! And thank you again for the printer-friendly version, I'll upload that as a download option.

I'll check that suggestion out, it looks good!

Thanks! Definitely needs some balancing, but glad you liked it!

Thanks! I'd highly recommend looking at the controls menu (though I know the controls need tweaking).

Those are good suggestions, thanks! Scroll wheel makes much more sense.

Very cool concept that looks great! It would be great to see some more objects that can be changed with the seasons to interact with, but I like it a lot!

Thank you! I agree with you on the impact, I had time to get all the pieces working and set up a core game loop, but not really to find ways to implement it better. I'd like to keep working on this, so if you have suggestions I'm all ears! Thanks for the feedback!