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Thank you for the kind words!  Let us know how your group does.  In our session, our Tabaxi Dragon Monk, Celestial Warlock, and Apeling Fighter/Rogue made quick friends with Opa Wanderer.  They even came back to visit him later on!

Heya all!

OnyxPanthyr Creative Arts and I just released our newest ttrpg map, Kasper's Cove.  The grid Day map is available for free, and the remaining variants and gridless versions are available to our patrons of the d2 tier or higher.

We hope you enjoy and use our maps!

An absolutely simple and fun roguelike dice game.  I constantly find myself forgetting to go to bed while playing.

Love these, very cute!

Heya all!  OnyxPanthyr Creative Arts and I have released our free adventure for march 2022.

Delve deep into a misty forest abandoned centuries ago.  A traveling alchemist seeks adventurers to gather reagents for an unknown purpose.  This month features two battlemaps and a story by GM Gene.  Additionally, OnyxPanthyr Creative Arts have created 5 unique hand-drawn tokens for use in any VTT and a mini primer on select flora of Silvald Relictyr.

We hope you like it!  And if you run it, let us know how it went!  We regularly release 5e and TTRPG content every month, and we'd appreciate your patronage!

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- Silvald Relictyr Mini-Adventure PDF
- Battlemaps (grid and gridless) 
- Regional Map 
-5 VTT Tokens by OnyxPanthyrArts
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