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I have added the US Letter note sheets

Thanks mate, please share or give it a rating!

No, Personal Use Only.

I haven't tried it, but it shouldn't be a problem to print on US letter size, the pages has plenty of margin around the edges.

The DTRPG version is printed on durable premium card stock with low-gloss UV coating. I think it is nice and good quality.

Not a bad idea

Thank you! A future update will include the notepads.

I uploaded some US letter sized sheets

Yes, but I can't give you a date yet.

Thanks mate!

I've added this exception, so the restriction doesn't apply to the filled-in sheets; you can freely share them.

No, personal use only.

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Thank you mate!


I added 5 to the community copies :D so feel free to download.

The number of columns must be odd, I made a 5x5 and a 7x7 version previously, so the next step is 9x9 (as above in my previous comment). I'll try to build it this weekend.

Something like this? Much bigger with less space for the letters and numbers.

Hi there,
Are there unlabeled VTT versions of these maps available? It is quite difficult to use them as a handout with the information on them.

Don't feel bad about it, that's what community copy is for...

Personal Use Only at the moment but I'm working on a developer license pack.

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Hi, I like this project and I would like to build a character sheet for Grave based on my Knave sheets.

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Thank you! Yes I use this guy:

Personal use only for these. I'm working on a Commercial License for my assets, you can find me on Discord if you have questions:

Here it is:

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!

Yes I working on VTT versions.

Thanks. Means a lot coming from you. Love your Dodecahedrax!

Looks cool!

Glad you like it!

Thanks, cool illustrations!

Thank you! I made an update please check the screenshots!

I have finished the transparent version.

I made a pamphlet template based on Print for Figma generated sheets.

Projects page:
Figma Community file:

Thank you! I added your idea to the future goals.

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Great module! Please make a printer friendly version!

Oh no! I fix it :)

Thank you!

Fractal as a dungeon OMFG


Yes, thank you

You can use it, but please add a link to the project page