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I seriously can't wait ;-; o yeah, also, I think there was a lil bug or smth in Part 2 in the surfing part. My character was on direct crush w Cove, and when Noelani and my character were putting away groceries and Noelani and Pam started teasing my character, I think it repeated another part of a conversation that happens on a different level of attraction, or at least it seemed that way. It was when Pam was like "Careful with that, you could put someone's eye out with that thing," or smth. I'm replaying it rn and it only seemed to happen that one time but I just wanted to let u know just in case. Anyways, can't wait for the final game!



I have a discord, but I don't usually use, but I can definitely use it if it's more convenient for you! Thank you so much, my tag is (Auntie Dorito #8789). I guess I'll see you there!

No problem, dude! Do you mind if I could possibly help you proofread? You don't have to send me anything, I could just go through the game as you put it out and tell you the grammar mistakes and such. I like doing stuff like that, so... yeah! If not, that is perfectly fine, just keep on doing you, because you're doing amazing right now, keep doing what you're doing!

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Hey, I absolutely love how this is going! The art is great and the story is so interesting, can't wait to see more! But, there is one problemo.... the image below is what happened after Llith says to ask him questions and stuff after we stand up to him. Besides this, the game is really good, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Edit: O wait, just found out the problem, I needed to make a new game. Alright, we're good now! Love the game btw! I personally think the grammar could definitely do better, but besides that, it's awesome!

I'm just curious, but will there be a romantic ending? I understand this is a yaoi sex slave abusive game, and I really like it that way, but sometimes the main monster's soft side (if u can even call it that lol) comes out, and I think it would be really interesting for something like that. If not, doesn't matter, still a hella good game. Thank you!

Can somebody help??? I'm trying to get the group sex and male preg part but no matter what I do I can't get that scene. Some help would be nice, thanks!

I just played the latest chapter and all I could say was "MCSCUSE ME???" This is great. I can't wait for the next chapter (but of course take some time for yourself too!).

I'm working on a project of mine and I just realized that I don't even know how to upload a RenPy game onto here. Just to clarify, I don't know where to find my own code files for a project in the folder, and I'm not even sure what to do after I do find the file. If anyone can help, that would be amazing! Thank you!

Hey Dev! I understand you're on a hiatus now and I hope I'm not bothering you with this, but I have a question about the romances. Okay, so who are in the polyamorous romances? I have a feeling I already know, but I want to confirm this. Also, how do you activate the poly romances? Thanks, and enjoy your hiatus! Get your degree, girl!

It's no problem, broos! Yeah, you get to choose to romance the two people later in the game if you're romancing one of the characters in the poly relationship, for example *SPOILERS*

If you want to romance Finn and Ezra, which is what I'm doing, you have to romance Finn or Ezra, then later in the game, you get to choose if you want to stay with just one of them, or go with both of them. Same for Omen and Alkar!

Hey broos! I'm not the creator(s), but if I know what you're saying, I think I can help you out. Yes, you can flirt with everyone in the beginning of the game, but later on there will be a time to pick someone to be in a relationship with (no consequences if you flirt with everyone before that point, and even after the pick-your-relationship point, you still can't flirt with anyone but your love interest). In the description, it said that you can have two polyamorous relationships. I think you'll figure out who they are later in the game, if you aren't there already since it's been two days, but if you want me to say, I'll do so! Also, the +whatever romance points don't exactly count that much, at least I don't think they do, so if you want to romance, say, Finn, but you have more points with August, it shouldn't affect who you choose to be with. Anyways, that's all!

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I finished Chapter 8 and... DAMN that as a ride!!! The beginning as great, I mean, it's Finn and Ezra, hen aren't they great, but then stuff started happening and oh boy... *SPOILERS AHOY*


I ant to punch somebody. This fricking dude (you kno ho I'm talking about) talking like he knos everything and ISN'T messing up BADLY!!! Just... AUAGDHJGFHJGFH oh mah god. I love this chapter though, so fricking much. No I just gotta ait for hen you release the Chaper 9 release date XD You did amazing, babe(s) (I can call you that, right?), keep the hard ork going, but remember to take care of yourself too! Thank you so much for the amazing story! (double u key isn't orking)

Alright, so I finished all 6 chapters, and oh my god, the fricking FEELS!!! I am a person who LOVES polyamorous relationships and have always wanted to be in a serious one or play as one, but I have never found a game where you could be in a poly relationship, so here I was, romancing Finn (and having a huge crush on Ezra), and suddenly I get the option to romance BOTH OF THEM. OH MY GOD I HAD TEARS!!!! So, I clicked the option, got the whole dialogue, and started sobbing dryly. You are an AMAZING game creator, and you have no idea how important it is that you put not one, but TWO polyamorous relationships in your game.

Not just that, but the story is AMAZING! I would wait until the day I die for you to come out with another chapter because of how amazing this game is! Keep it up, sweetie, you are doing great, and I can't wait for the next chapter, but if there ever is something emotionally or mentally that pops up, don't feel like you're just delaying the game or anything, your feelings and emotions are more important than this. Anyways, have a wonderful day/night, and take care of yourself! <3 <3 <3

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Okay, let's do this.

I have been your biggest fan ever since your first Ascension game came out. I was on RinmaruGames, which is where I found it, for a while, even before Ascension came out, and I never really went to the visual novel section. Then a little bit later, I went to that section, and there was the first Ascension. Looked interesting, so I played it. Fell in love with Zander and Faelern, and I hated waiting for the next game to come out. I replayed all of the Ascension games about five to six times, probably more, and have almost memorized the entire script!

After replaying Ascension for about the sixth time, I saw that there was a new game from you, on I clicked the link, and looked at the artwork. It was so hard debating whether I should get it or not, because I didn't want to play it and get hooked to it like I did with Ascension, then wait for the full game to come out. I gave into temptation, of course, and I LOVE it! Can't wait for the full game to come out. Now, to what I was getting at.

As I said, loved romancing Zander and Faelern, so I was just wondering...

Who can you romance in here?

I know that you can romance Egon, pretty obvious, but who else? Can you romance the professor?

Also, one more question.

What's the deal between Egon and Pious? I've been making so many theories for so long, and I'm just really curious. Are we gonna find out in the full game, or are you just gonna leave us hanging?

That's all I gotta say. Hope you read all this. Bye! I love you SO SO SO much!