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Hopefully there will be more things about Alan + extra characters appearing in the game. I would happily die for some drama in this visual novel game!

No way I just auto like Pizzahead lmaooooooo. It took me by a surprise xD

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Ah, sure! No spoilers so don't worry about my reply.

Quest's bad ending can be achieved when you press the second option, which is platonically option. I was kinda confused on why he seems to be disappointed after that because at my first gameplay, there was no other options (must have messed up my choices throughout in chats and calls) other than that. You'll see what happen next once you got to day 7, which is where the endings are.

Never have I ever felt so in love the moment my first call was Quest. I believe it's because of my kind interaction but- I did got the bad ending first (Don't worry, I use the guide this time for the good ending and for the rest of the characters.). Now that I finish the whole game + all and each good and bad endings, I'll be in my corner to sob. 

But in all seriousness about the story, the arts (All three of it. The "fanarts", fanzine and characters arts.), the voice acting both extras and main characters, seriously everything, I LOVE IT! EVEN the discord feeling of the game, what else can I possible ask more?! I would definitely be playing other games made by you and your team!

Half of my soul flew while playing this game lmao-

Highly recommended you all this one and better download the walkthrough too to get the different 8 unique endings here. Loving the each and every ending and I swear my first ending is that I just went to sleep wth xD Confused potato here

Each endings really make sense imo. Also I do wonder about the 2 other ending + the bonus one. Sucks I couldn't buy the full version but oh well. I wanna know more furthur T-T

P.S. - This game isn't scary as you witness furthur more in each days. Goodluck!

So basically I played the part two, Mistrick, first before this xD dang this is why I should read the description first before downloading. Getting the ending was confusing when I cant get into the closet anymore when John is chasing me but figured it out after few game overs (just kidding, had to watch a youtube for that one as my brain isnt working today lol)

Overall, it is a great game and it isnt that scary as you manage to over come your fear. On my way to complete the other games of yours!

Really love the rpg and the fact I really went for every deaths in my first gameplay xD Will play your other rpgs, I got myself obsess playing it after all-

Was hoping if you could make the game a mobile game too, I love challenges like this one. Still trying to reach higher scores too xD

Manage to beat the game 100% after few tries. I guess they are right after all, as long as you dont give up, you too can reach 100%. AlsoRIPMyRightArm