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i see, the dynamite in the rock is a good reason for the rock not being counted! 

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Kinda addicting game but has a bug (or well, i found one, its literally in the first 1 min of the video). For whatever reason, even though i missed a rock, my life points did not go down lol 

(It happened twice)

But otherwise, loved the music and especially the the background pixel art. Major props to the artist! 

Really really enjoyed the game! You are honestly a genius for coming up with these puzzles

The only problem i had with the game was the camera angle (the camera looked at player model  from a lower angle rather than looking straight at the player) and the menu (the UI would move with both the mouse and the keyboard which created a few awkward situations ) 

But all in all, i really loved the game! :D

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Really liked the game except for the really bright colours aaaaaaaand level 7, secrew level 7 lol, i spent 45 mins replaying this game (about 5 times) because of level 7(this video is only of the first 5 levels)....... Other than that, the game was quite simple but still quite good :D 

Created a new topic Such an amazing game!
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I literally love this game, its such a nostalgia trip and is quite relaxing

The only issues i had with this game were the fact that you did put any collides on the props in the room level (but i realized how much of a pain it would be building the tracks accordingly so i let it go) and creating the tracks were a little tedious (especially the start one)