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this was quite an interesting game, it got really when all the cats were brought in. The only feedback i can give is improve the clicking mechanism, i dont know why but you have literally click like 5 or 6 times before a falling item is put back on the platform 

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so, this time i wanted to beat my old highscore of 1.6K buuuut, well.....things got waaaaay to insane to get past 1.3K lol

This game is still super addicting lol

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freakin awesome retro game!

I love the simplicity and how you actually have a chance to do good, i mentioned this in the video, the whole level up (which heals) thing and the fact that you can shoot the bullets (of the enemies) really makes this a fun and slightly addicting bullet hell game!

also, whats up with the 3 out 4 people who have made videos on this game, making itchio accounts literally to promote their videos on this game and then deleting their youtube channels?? (it was super weird) 


so this time i wanted to go for something massive, i made a massive ant colony and well......totally annihilated the other 3 people lol (yeah, that thumbnail is literally from my letsplay lol)

Also, props to the devs for thinking of the pattern they would form, very clever!

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ok, so far, my fav character has got to be the security bot from the spaceship, i love the humour in his lines, so damn good!

i am sorry, i dont think i can you help coz the game is played in fullscreen by force
(usually, with unity games, there is an small window that opens before the game opens where you can set the resolution and what not, sadly, i dont think they enabled that option when exporting/building the game)

one suggestion i have is setting your desktop's resolution to something higher, like 1600 x 900...etc (you can do this by right clicking in the desktop and select "Set Resolution" on windows 8)

It should be right above the very first comment in this page :)

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i love this game! i love the thought and passion that went into making this game, you managed to introduce some weird humor (which is my fav type of humor), i cant wait to get further into the game and learn more about the story! 

If anyone has any questions, please Reply to this comment by clicking on the tiny "Reply" word under the above comment 

Also, i am by no means related to the developers who made this game, i just want to help all of you who can't download this game

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right above the "Comment Box" you should see 4 names with download buttons (literally, they say "Download" on them)

Now, if you have a windows PC, select the 1st one and if you have a mac PC, select the second one (the last 2 are related to the gamejam) (By "select" i mean, click on the literal button that says "Download" on it)

the download should start automatically, once downloaded open the downloaded file in winrar and click on "Extract To", select where you want your new game to be in and boom, there you go, thats it

right above the "Comment Box" you should see 4 names with download buttons (literally, they say "Download" on them)

Now, if you have a windows PC, select the 1st one and if you have a mac PC, select the second one (the last 2 are related to the gamejam)

the download should start automatically, once downloaded open the downloaded file in winrar and click on "Extract To", select where you want your new game to be in and boom, there you go, thats it 

Honestly, i freakin LOVE this game, it is so simple and each match lasts for not too long

i noticed this sort of bug, if you play single player, then the "Defeat" thing that appears above each ant colony entrance appears above yours as well, which really does not make sense lol

This is an absolutely amazing and addicting game!
I just love how you can quite literally change the course of the game within a minute and how each game doesnt last 30 mins or so (unless you make it last that long lol)

i have only one suggestion, please add advanced AI, so you can have an easy mode and an Insane mode

Really loved the game and i know its still early in development but the amount of bugs (and the bugs themselves) are ridiculous lol

Ok, i think i played the previous version of this game so i am not sure whether the bugs i encountered are fixed or not

Bugs i encountered:

1. As soon as i first swam, i essentially broke the game coz the second i got out of the water, the run animation would loop forever and i could not attack and then, when i went back into the water (because i thought it would solve the issue....) and got out, the simming animation would loop forever 

2. THE COLLIDERS, THE COLLIDERS!!!! lol i have no idea how they were placed but every time i activated a monolith (the small tower like structures), i would get stuck IN them and the only way i could get out was if i were to jump like 10 times. The same thing happens for every tree in the game!

3. The swimming needed to be fixed, the character model does not even float so you are literally constantly drowning when you try to swim (unless you spam the living hell out of the of the Spacebar key....)

I will give you credit for the map though (and ofcourse the whole game but more specifically the map lol), i absolutely loved the 3D map projection!

oh, i see 

and yeah in the future i might try to get to the hidden zone you mentioned|

And good luck with all of your futures :D 

Bug Report!

UI issue when you talk to someone and open up the pause menu, it's just the dialogue box (from what i could gather) that acts weird when you talk to someone and go into the pause menu, the text in the box disappears, this can be seen at 2:42
Mushroom spazing out on screen near the huge weighing machine, i dont entirely know why but you hit the blue mushroom thats on a tiny side path at the end, the mushroom starts showing up on the screen glitched like, this can be seen at 3:56
the weigh at 6:35 , this one was just funny and totally didnot make sense so i left this one here
And finally, this one was the worst one. For whatever reason, the key was never saved (well, the fact that i got the key and left it on the ground was not saved). I got the key from the man who tells you to save his friend (the one thats located near the massive weighing machine) and well, i saved the game and quit, the only problem is that when i returned, THE KEY WAS GONE! look at 7:18 - 9:18 , warning i act a small bit cringy (just a veeeeeeeeery tiny bit....yeeeeeah lol)

Because of the last i legit cant continue on with the game and have start from the start losing about an hours progress......

this game is honestly, one of the cutest games i have ever played! i love the character models and the general level design (with basic school stationary, i really liked that detail lol)
My only issue with the game  is the hanging mechanism, both actually trying to climb and the hanging itself(it tends to look weird when you hang off a rounded off platform)

But overall, i loved this game and am actually quite surprised you didnot charge any money for this game

same, i too am a letsplayer (a very small one but one nevertheless lol)
Glad i could help :) 

Honestly, the visuals are soooooooo damn good, i mentioned this earlier (in the video) and i will say it again, the art is close to ubisoft type. Oh and props for incorporating 3D objects in there (i assume the sword trap and axes are 3D objects)

I really loved how you would have use the falling blocks to essentially "disarm" traps (i found that out far too late lol), i did not, however, like the rage inducing aspect of it lol, i spent like 30 mins on the 3rd last level, only to give up lol 

yeah, i played it with a keyboard and a mouse,  it worked just fine :D

Amazing game, but i feel you should tweak the placement algorithm because there were aloooooot of instances where buildings were placed inside other buildings.... 
Oh and somehiow, i manged to glitch through a wall into a building and was stuck there lol

Btw, i loved the "Controls" in the little notepad file, had me laughing for a while xD

i see, the dynamite in the rock is a good reason for the rock not being counted! 

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Kinda addicting game but has a bug (or well, i found one, its literally in the first 1 min of the video). For whatever reason, even though i missed a rock, my life points did not go down lol 

(It happened twice)

But otherwise, loved the music and especially the the background pixel art. Major props to the artist! 

Really really enjoyed the game! You are honestly a genius for coming up with these puzzles

The only problem i had with the game was the camera angle (the camera looked at player model  from a lower angle rather than looking straight at the player) and the menu (the UI would move with both the mouse and the keyboard which created a few awkward situations ) 

But all in all, i really loved the game! :D

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Really liked the game except for the really bright colours aaaaaaaand level 7, secrew level 7 lol, i spent 45 mins replaying this game (about 5 times) because of level 7(this video is only of the first 5 levels)....... Other than that, the game was quite simple but still quite good :D 

Created a new topic Such an amazing game!
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I literally love this game, its such a nostalgia trip and is quite relaxing

The only issues i had with this game were the fact that you did put any collides on the props in the room level (but i realized how much of a pain it would be building the tracks accordingly so i let it go) and creating the tracks were a little tedious (especially the start one)