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Prject Hedra gameplay (and a small bug report)

A topic by GlowingDude created Oct 08, 2017 Views: 103
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Really loved the game and i know its still early in development but the amount of bugs (and the bugs themselves) are ridiculous lol

Ok, i think i played the previous version of this game so i am not sure whether the bugs i encountered are fixed or not

Bugs i encountered:

1. As soon as i first swam, i essentially broke the game coz the second i got out of the water, the run animation would loop forever and i could not attack and then, when i went back into the water (because i thought it would solve the issue....) and got out, the simming animation would loop forever 

2. THE COLLIDERS, THE COLLIDERS!!!! lol i have no idea how they were placed but every time i activated a monolith (the small tower like structures), i would get stuck IN them and the only way i could get out was if i were to jump like 10 times. The same thing happens for every tree in the game!

3. The swimming needed to be fixed, the character model does not even float so you are literally constantly drowning when you try to swim (unless you spam the living hell out of the of the Spacebar key....)

I will give you credit for the map though (and ofcourse the whole game but more specifically the map lol), i absolutely loved the 3D map projection!