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Frog 2 when? 

That works, thanks!

Windows 10/Chrome and I think the dpi is high

(2 edits)

Huh, that's weird

(edit: after leaving the page and coming back, it's there, but I refreshed the page several times and nothing changed)
(2nd edit: It only shows the door on the tutorial for me)

I wasn't sure where the goal was. In most of the levels it's pretty easy to guess, but it was a problem in the last level. I guess the copy mechanic would make it kind of hard to have some visual indicator for the goal though

This game is really fun! The only issue I had is sometimes I wasn't sure where the berserker was supposed to go.

This is a really cool concept! I love the idea of this guy contorting his body just to squeeze in between all the luggage haha

I've played Tauriel Teaches Typing since writing that comment, and I agree that it's much better (both in writing and in gameplay). The idea of a typing bullet hell was what interested me the most, and TTT had a lot more unique ideas. Do you think you would ever make a longer game using those mechanics? I'd love to see a version with longer typing prompts and more hazards.

I would unironically play an expanded, paid version of this. Please consider!