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Gloomy Moon

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It would be nice to have this available to Linux.  It would also be nice to have this in paper form which is kinda contrary to the idea but a quiet way to play this would be beneficial to playing while the kids (or anyone else) is sleeping.

Not recipes. A tutorial. :) But thank you for sharing where the recipes can be found.

Wow, just wow! There are no words for this beautiful work of art.

I think it needs a tutorial of where things are. By time I figured out where something was, the person was grouchy and left. Then I had to start over with the next person who wanted something and they got grouchy while I was trying to find their stuff. This is not really cozy or relaxing. The are style and layout of game is really appealing though.

Vampire! Grandma! Devil! And a lot more. Absolute favorites.

All of the characters that if you don't give them money they either throw a fit or make a snarky remark when you don't give them money... I wish the dragon, vampire or sea monster would eat!

What is order to the spider, is chaos to the fly. - Morticia Addams

Very cool book!

This game needs to be slowed down some. If I want to actually live longer I just don't read so when one of the really fast pages comes up, I won't die. But then I have no idea what's going on, thus not really playing the game. I'm a fast reader so I don't know how others who are slower are going to even get anywhere.

This is also my first solo TTRPG and I am having so much fun playing this. I am going to try adding ONaaT: SS and play both day and night for a full session! Once I am done with fully playing I think I will switch out the lists with ones of my own so I can keep playing!! Thanks Jei D. M.!

Really wonderful comic!