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This is not a ranked jam so there would be no results. It was planned to be very casual. 

Hmm... Since starting earlier is allowed, updating an older project should be fine as long as it's a major update and not just, say, bug fixes. So if your chicken thinks a lot and the pre update version is clearly different from the post update one, it's fine. 

Certainly. As long as it's a game, it's fine and tabletop games or TTRPGs definitely fit that requirement. Whether you have to print something or not doesn't change that. 

It doesn't have to, though it's certainly encouraged. Any game with birds is good, though. 

Any chance you're planning to add a version to download or will it remain web-only?

Finally found some time to play it and what can I say... Giving out chickens surely can be considered diplomacy and the dragon, which is great, would certainly agree.

Haha, I'm glad you sympathized with them despite the story being so short. 

The cartoon in question in Nu, pogodi. The main characters there are also called Volk and Zayats. They're a known pair which is why they suit the jam theme. 

Okay, that made me laugh. Glad to know you liked Volk.

Not sure what's the problem but any resolutions to choose from made the game more square than intended which cut content from both sides. I played it anyway but it's worth looking into.