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I'm beyond excited to play the full version of FAITH. You've really made something special, and I'm so happy you're not rushing the last chapter. Keep up the amazing work!

Ooh, the atmosphere here is really good!

Please make a full post-jam version, this is really cool!

This was really fun, and surprisingly stressful at times.

This game is really great! I actually bought it on Steam a few months back and I noticed it's no longer available for purchase. Any particular reason why? Just curious.

God this atmosphere is dreadful. I felt so uncomfortable throughout the game, knowing every drop marks another point of no return. Really creepy and well made. I would absolutely love some sort of polished version or extension post-jam. This is really something special.

Wow this was really good! It felt so complete too, especially for a Game Jam. Very impressive!

This is so sick. Please revisit this, you guys have something special right here.

I absolutely love the concept of this game. Are you considering polishing this up as a post-jam release?