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I think it has something to do with the itch client. Try downloading it from the website instead.

Ooh, the atmosphere here is really good!

Please make a full post-jam version, this is really cool!

This was really fun, and surprisingly stressful at times.

This game is really great! I actually bought it on Steam a few months back and I noticed it's no longer available for purchase. Any particular reason why? Just curious.

God this atmosphere is dreadful. I felt so uncomfortable throughout the game, knowing every drop marks another point of no return. Really creepy and well made. I would absolutely love some sort of polished version or extension post-jam. This is really something special.

Wow this was really good! It felt so complete too, especially for a Game Jam. Very impressive!

This is so sick. Please revisit this, you guys have something special right here.

I absolutely love the concept of this game. Are you considering polishing this up as a post-jam release?

The game looks really good! The concept is actually really creepy and the atmosphere is incredible. Stalker Mode sounds interesting too, can't wait to see that.