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LINK TO PROJECT Will you fight for justice or Die fighting it, your choice.

      Click to GET DEMO

                                                                                  Click to GET DEMO

Thank for playing!

Thank you for trying!

Thank you for playing!

Try to re download the file, or run as administrator!

Thank you very much, we are already working on it!

Jump on a horror game doesn't fit though! Since the main part would be to get scared and a story!

Yes, since its being compressed as a setup file!

Then mail us at for more info!

Thank you

Mail us at, there we will give the info!

Thank you

Does you have visa card or any other payment options which can give acsess international buying option? Then only you can buy it. 

Yup, from Kolkata, West Bengal! 

Thank you for playing and offcourse we are working on it!

Thank you very much, for playing it!

Absolutely, we are currently working on it!

Why not? Give it a go! 

Thank you very much for playing, it's a little tricky part only for the grabbing system!

Thank you for playing,also we will check into that too!

Thank you very much for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you very much,for playing!

Thank you very much! 

Thank you for playing!

Thank you,for playing!

Thank you very much for playing!

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You need to hold the left mouse button while dragging! Not clicking. 

Okay, we will look into it! 

Thank you! Though something needs to be different even in game mechanics, still we will check this issue, anyways you need to use SHIFT to run and you were closer than yov think!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! But you have to drag the vases by holding LMB thats what it means! 

All major bugs have been fixed!

check out the development log for more!