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That is a fantastic format to review indie games!

It's awesome that you selected my game for the first video, thanks a lot for that :)

The only improvement that comes to my mind for the format is that maybe at the end you can add a summary where the 3 scores can be seen together and get an overall game score.

About what you said about the game, I have some clarifications:

- The game is also available for ios (App Store) and android (Google Play)

- You can select the character at anytime between the ones you have unlocked (see the image at bottom of the comment)

- Yes, the menu is a bit ugly I need to think how to improve it :)

- Yes, you can rate games in 

- To unlock trophies you need to complete levels fast enough

Thank you again for playing the game and reviewing it!

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Thanks for including Gravity Song!

Congratulations for the channel, it is a great initiative helping people to discover new indie games!

Thanks for trying the game! I am glad you enjoyed it :)

I am proud to announce than my first game in, Gravity Song, has been released!


The game in one sentence: Gravity Song is a challenging game that combines action and puzzle with an awesome ambient music

You can download it for free but all donations are highly appreciated :)