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You should consider having an export data open standard file format (like in json) or something that developers can use to load the map and add their own "enhancements" over it. The voronoi structure/neighbours, etc.

Though i think re-coding stuff to Unity asset would be better for Unity users as well, since it comes bundled with all the physics and such. Can try the C# export in haxe for the engine-agnostic codebase.

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For a 3d collision detection , Bounding Volume hierachies (BVH) would be a good approach to narrow down on specific potential geometry to test against instead of testing against the entire 3d model (ie. narrow down to specific bounding box leaf which a conservative coarse sweep velocity volume intersects with..). 

But of course, the scene graph woud still be generally 1 combined single model... (seperating it out to seperate meshes will add to draw calls which isn't good for performance.)

I have a 2D version of BVH ported over from original wonderfl source (scroll down to BVHCulling

I didn't convert it to a HAxe generic yet though. Woudl likely need to replace the proxy:T  to a generic data type, and converting it to haxe should be pretty trivial.