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Here's the direct link to the soundtrack, for anyone who wants it:

Also, on seeing the name "yogurtbox" I suddenly realized I had long ago picked up one of coda's albums, Tree of Knowledge, probably from some Indie Royale bundle about a decade or so ago, haha!

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Hello, I'm interested in buying this on either GOG or itch, but I noticed that the soundtrack is only available on GOG.  Is there a way to get it on itch or elsewhere?

Edit: oh, I found it on bandcamp!

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I bought National Park Girls on JAST, which doesn't have the subsequent episodes; are the episodes sold here compatible with the JAST version?

Edit: Oh, it seems I have the itch version via the Queer Games Bundle 2022 anyway.

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I made it to level much farther does this go?!

(I'm guessing it's endless and procedurally generated.)

Well, anyway, this is definitely fitting the bill, i.e. being a game that can be idled but also doesn't running for weeks.  Being able to get to what's functionally the end of the game in half a day made it actually rather reasonable as far as idle games go.

I read that the browser saves my progress.  I hope it does since it's taken half a day to get here, and I'm gonna have to stop until maybe the next update or something.

Edit: oof, I had an all-tree spawn on 121 but still didn't beat it.  aww...

Edit: beat 121, finally!

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Just curious, where are save files stored for this VN?  Not that they're that important since the VN is linear and pretty short anyway, but I'm just curious.  At first I wondered whether it was log.txt, but some testing quickly ruled that out.  I'm now wondering whether it's in AppData\Roaming\RenPy\GrumpyGirls-[some numbers].  The number of saves and quicksaves I have matches, and the VN *is* about grumpy girls, so..

Edit: Hmm, that's not it.  Renaming that folder doesn't cause the saves to be lost, even though it does certainly get re-created every time I launch the VN.

And in  similar vein, I'd like to see it on GOG!

What does "ability to plant all available seeds" mean?  I seem to be able to plant everything I've been able to afford so far (which, to be fair, isn't much), so I can't figure out what the ability does.

The file has a UnityCrashHandler64.exe so I presume the engine is Unity.

Whoa, where is this art from?

Just finished this short but sweet story.  Thank you for making it!

Oh, for the record (in case anyone else checks this topic), I found them in "C:\Users\[myname]\AppData\LocalLow\Stone Baked Games\Wolf and Hood - a Jigsaw Tale".

Thank you for the tip, and thank you for making this game!

I finished the game, and I think it's very well done!

May I ask where the game saves are stored?  Just wanted to know, in case I want to uninstall it but keep my unlocks.

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I feel like I saw there were more community copies last night, like 23, but there are 15 this morning.  If I observed this correctly (which I'm not entirely sure of, to be fair), then...considering that the game is free to download the regular way, I'm surprised that people are claiming community copies instead.

Edit: Wait, this is actually even weirder.  Downloading it for free the normal way doesn't subtract from community copies, but paying for it *does*, apparently.  I just paid a dollar for this and now there are only 14 community copies left.

For the record, I mentioned this issue on the Discord server.

Ooh...I just bought Saga of the Moon Priestess and then found this.  This looks really neat; I hope it becomes available soon.


These are some very pretty backgrounds!

I'm not a dev but I can totally see some of these being desktop wallpapers or inspirations for other things.

Oh hey, I recognize some of these; Ran's sprites were used in American University Life.

Ehh, I think it looks great!  Excellently stylized pixel art.

As someone who hasn't yet played this game (I picked it up in a giant charity bundle so that's why I know about it) but who has suffered from burnout from large projects, I just want to say, congrats on not only getting a thing done but also revisiting and improving it.

This reminds me, I need to go do something like this in my life too right now, heh.

I know this is an old comment, but -- for the record -- itch has since improved things so that even though the individual products in giant bundles don't all show up en masse in your account, if you go to product pages they'll show you what bundles you've bought it in.  After you do this, if you then click on one of the bundle download pages for that product, I think it then only shows that one download link on the product page for you.  (Though if you really want the other links, you can go and use the bundle pages to find your other download links too, or you can also open multiple download links in tabs to "register" them all to your account, and thereafter the product page will show all your download links.)

Hooray!  I'll have to visit it sometime.  Seems like a great place to enjoy nature!

Picked this up in one of the giant charity bundles and enjoyed this short but sweet VN.

I just have one question about the setting (encoded via ROT13 so as to avoid spoilers for anyone who doesn't want to see it):

Qbrf guvf gnxr cynpr ba Ornhfbyrvy Vfynaq va Trbetvna Onl Vfynaqf Angvbany Cnex va Bagnevb?

How can I turn off the spellchecker?

For the record, this unusual state did not happen on subsequent launches of JRNL.  So all it took to "solve" this was just restarting JRNL.  Though ironically I actually kinda like it better in that odd state...

Thank you!

Thanks for the information!

Where is the save file for this game?

Thanks!  I found it.

I also noticed that there are some very large log files -- Player.log is 67.4 MB for me while Player-prev.log is a whopping 856 MB.  Are these needed to back up the save files?  And are these even intended to exist in the first place?

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Today I don't know what I might have touched but when I opened JRNL I noticed there was a formatting bar at the top of the window with a box around my text area.  I could also pull up something at the bottom which produced a blank white area where text didn't go, and which I could adjust by pulling it again.

I like this formatting bar (usually only appears if I highlight text), and I even realized I could change the font from this!

But, what caused this to appear?

Thanks for letting me know.  It's actually been a reasonably fun little game aside from the endgame grind.

Also, where are game saves stored?  I figured I'd archive my progress along with the backup I have.

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Is there anything special that happens after getting all the upgrades?  Because I'm finally at just over 1.00 G and there's a 10.00 G final upgrade that I'd basically need to leave my computer on overnight (at least, possibly multiple days ) and I'm wondering whether that's even worth it.

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Great!  Thanks for the fix!

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FYI, the link in the product description here looks like an link in text, but actually goes to a Steam product page.  The text *is* the address of the correct page, for what it's worth.

I noticed that I couldn't see the gear and so I resized my window and found it.  You may need to do that.

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I'm liking this so far!  I got this in a charity bundle, and I'm pleasantly surprised that this tool seems pretty useful.

Does anyone know where in the config file I can modify the font?  I happened to need to type something that makes it very unclear whether things are lowercase o's or zeros...

I ran into a bug where I think saving as the witch immediately after switching to her for the first time caused the game to do various weird things, including show both a knight and a witch in town, make me show as a knight but have the witch's character UI element in the corner and be unable to use any attacks at all.

I forgot how I fixed this but eventually I got it fixed.

I understand that the dev may not be fixing bugs anymore, but I feel like I should document this, in case anyone's curious, and you never know if it'll be useful information for a speedrunner.

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One way to cheese the Dracula fight is to note that Dracula won't move off his bat phase if you don't destroy all the bats surrounding him.

It's easiest to accomplish this using the bugmeister.

Is there a canonical name for the protagonist?

I didn't just visit the Sun Cave but I went to the sun! :D

I've been treating that screen as an unofficial end condition.  I figure that if I wanna speedrun it the requirements will be "beat all the bosses then go to the sun".

I would upvote your post if I knew how. :D

Anyway I've finished the game!  Thank you for making this!

I don't yet know how to get to what I think is a superboss, and I think I still haven't encountered a few of the Z-creatures (probably Mermaid, Squid, Sewer Beast and Fire) but I've beaten the rest.

Anyhow, I enjoyed this game!

I actually never spent even a single character skill point, so I'm actually wondering whether to stream this for a few friends, and have them decide what abilities/equipment/skills to get.  A friend had an idea to stream Final Fantasy Tactics with each of us managing our own character's abilities, and that turned out to be a fun idea.

Also I was a little amused to hear (particularly where it occurred) the title theme of Ghost Grab 3000...but then again it is a little unexpectedly epic there too, so heh.

I've got a spoilery question about a little detail at the end of the game:

[ROT13] Tjra fnlf gung "gur thneqf jub fheivirq", frrzvatyl vzcylvat gung fbzr thneqf qvrq, ohg V erpnyy Fgenfmn (gur qentba) fnlvat gung gurer jrer ab sngnyvgvrf.  Juvpu bar npghnyyl unccrarq?