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Wow, it was unexpectebly cool to try this out! Enjoyed this game pretty much.

ok, it was just some troubles with itch, I've downloaded your game with browser, and everything works. So I rly enjoyed this style of art, this girl is really a cutie <3 And the dialogue is rather predictable and clear, but why not? It warmed my heart, great job)

Yea, I'm on Windows 10 and I use the itch app. When I click the "Download now" button, I have some files to download there. But when I start downloading them, the installation suddenly stops...

I don't know why, but I always have problems with installing your games. :(  When I try to install your game, the installation is suddenly stops. Files of your game are in my installation folder but they are all corrupted, and I can't launch them. So I can't try your game...

No problem :) 4 languages already, good job!

No problem :) I just want this game to be popular because it is really worth playing and I really enjoyed it.

So he answered me, wait a message on Twitter, Instagram or your email (I don't know how he is going to contact with you).

So I wrote him that you want to add his translation to your game. But you have to wait, because (as I have already said) he is not online for a week already. I wrote him your email so he can contact you. But I really don't know when he will be online. I will reply you here one more time when translator will reply to me :)

Here you are. Don't be afraid, it's a reliable source, I downloaded the game and played it without problems. To download it you just should to press white "Скачать" button. It can be useful if you can find the files of translation. Hope I helped you :)

Unfortunately, I don't know him in person and he is not online for a week. But I can give you files of the game because they are in the open access.

Hey, glad to see that your game is getting avaliable to different people. I can give you a person who made a good russian translation of your game (maybe it can be useful). What do you think?

Bird Reaction game

First release version of our game! There you can train and test your reaction in casual but interesting mini-games and tutorials for them. Also you can train your flick moves for such games as CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite and others. If you enjoy this game you can always leave a comment! Hope you admired!

Bird Reaction game

It's my first little game. There you can test you reaction and decisions-making time. It contains a short tutorial if you don't understand what to do and how to play. I can't say a lot about it because it's a casual game but if you want to improve your reaction and decisions-making time you can spend your time here. Hope you enjoy it!

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So you fixed the problem, good job. I played some time, but in my humble opinion controls are not convenient enough. I guess that it is a game for mobile phones or game controllers more because there is need to control every move accurate.

Oh, I guess there are some misunderstanding between us. Let me show you. In the very beginning you can find download buttons for different platforms. After clicking at Windows version I can see such situation (screenshot). There are 2 files I can download. If I load 1st file and try to open the game, the directory of the game is opened and nothing happen. If I download 2nd file, there is Web version with black screen and music. And as you can see under "Rocket jump and make thinks go boom" (screenshot) there is "Игра" ("Game"). And there I can't find an icon of Windows. Apple, Linux, HTML5 but no Windows. Maybe I can't find something but I guess I did everything correct.

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Reinstalled the game, left it for an hour or more (just waited), closed and opened again but nothing changed. I can't help you about Godot but I want to, really.

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Nice video with black screen and exciting music! :)

(HTML5 Win version plays only music with black screen)

(I guess it is a "mus/crazy.ogg" playing)

I clicked different buttons several times but nothing happen.

Lol, pretty nice game, I enjoyed it!

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I just have read this VN in russian translation made by some enthusiast. And I remembered why I love visual novels so much. You know, a lot of novels which are translated to Russian language are full of hentai, ecchi and similar content. But it weren't, aren't and will never be the main advantages of such games.  The soul. The atmosphere of this game made me crazy after passing this one. 

I felt a great number of emotions. And they are priceless. That's why it's a 5-star game IMHO. Maybe I just tired of endless hentai in VNs but I really love this game!

*Sorry for my bad english if you don't understand something :) *