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It's a great little game but I am really missing the option to invert Y axis.

Fun little game! During the longer sequence with the falling blocks, I didn't realize that there was a puzzle element I was supposed to be solving; I just treated it like a dexterity challenge and pushed through without stopping to think about what I was doing (you know, because I never had time to stand still). It worked for me, though!

Great little game! The graphics are cute and very readable. I would have appreciated having the mechanics explained a little better, especially around the ghost pepper. Still, I did manage to figure them out on my own. That last level was a tough one and had me thinking hard for several minutes, but did eventually get it. I was glad to see that solving it brought me victory, though! Again, great job on the puzzles; they felt exactly the right level of challenging for me!

I'm currently working my way through "The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft", so I read this story not long ago. I enjoyed seeing a different take on Lovecraftian horror, and even though it's a one-note joke, it didn't overstay its welcome in a short game like this. All told, I think you accomplished what you set out to do!

I'd like to see the bot being able to do more with her limbs besides add one sex position. I felt like I wanted to work hard to buy her new body parts for her sake, so she could do more than just sit on the couch like a lump. But then, when I got her a full set of good quality hypercamo legs and arms . . . but nope. You can't even hold her hand while you frick.

Also, I agree with Evernarten: I already feel like there's a sense of Anon trying to build a better life for his robot girlfriend, and I feel that the game would benefit from fleshing that out. I don't just mean Anon trying to make her life better, but trying to make his own life better, for her sake. Maybe if Anon gets a kitchen, the bot could cook for him if she likes him enough. Maybe there's a chance for some drama about how he's going to move her to a better apartment.


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I'm enjoying your game. I like the art, and Jun (using her official name here for clarity) is cute in both senses of the word, which I enjoy.

What I find most noteworthy, though, is the mental health aspect of the game and the role she plays in it. To me, it feels like Anon is not just deriving a bit of stability from her, but being inspired to carefully nourish his mental health for her sake. What started as "I can fuck this sex doll on cam for rent money" has turned into "I have to keep myself functional and keep the money coming in so I can build a life for Jun." I have some mental health issues myself, and it's nice to see that addressed in a game.

Of course, it's also nice to vicariously experience having a cute, intelligent, affectionate, and highly fuckable robot girlfriend!

I expected the game to stop at 99 peeple, but it didn't. At this point I decided not to wait to reach 999!

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Hey, this game looks great and I'd love to play it through, but:

The web version performs very poorly, and there's no Linux version, and the Windows version doesn't work right under Wine.

So, this work is pretty much inaccessible to me. :(

If it helps, this is the error I get:


FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: FlashWhite

memory:67:22: error: syntax error, unexpected NEW_IDENTIFIER

at gml_Script_EnemyDraw


stack frame is

gml_Script_EnemyDraw (line -1)


Arrow keys for movement and ZXC for jump, fire, and something else seems to be a very common and workable setup.

You can also provide re-bindable controls, which is not only good for matching preferences, but for making the game accessible to people with issues that require unusual control layouts.

You're welcome, and thank you for being gentle in pointing out where I'd gone wrong! This isn't the first time I've missed the point of a work.

I'm definitely going to take another look at the game. It's possible that it's just not the kind of thing I like, but it's also possible that if I can see the game for what it is instead of what I think it should be, that I'll like it better.

In either case, I have believed for some time that artists do better work when they stop striving for mass appeal and instead make something true to their vision, trusting that the right people will get it, and not worrying about the opinions of people outside their audience. I can't reasonably complain if that leaves me on the outside from time to time!

Good game! I enjoyed the movement and controls, and using the powerups was fun. It was easy to get lost in the castle, and some of the cat fights were noticeably more difficult than the rest, but i finished the game and enjoyed it!

It's got potential, but I see a couple of areas that could use improvement.

First, jump height varies, but it's not at all clear to me what causes that variation. All I can tell is that sometimes I can make a jump, and sometimes I can't. That's especially frustrating when jumping to escape a crab.

Second, in "Dive to the Utmost Depths", you've got a crab that kills the player in what seems like less than half a second after the level starts, if they don't move. It's easy to get dozens of deaths here before realizing what's happening. Maybe start the level with the game paused, and have everything start moving when the player hits a key? Also, it seemed like the motion of the fish wasn't the same every time, which makes it hard to learn how to avoid them.

Maybe I'm just not the intended audience of this type of game? It's definitely cute. I hope you get a lot of useful feedback!

Aww yeah, first place!

Making a playable gaem at 12 is still something of an accomplishment. :)

Not bad! I like the way that the white objects exist simultaneously as both an aid and an obstacle to level traversal. You've got the beginnings of a fun puzzle platformer/shooter here.

Oh my goodness, the boss fight is so much tougher than the rest of it. Still, I persevered and made it to the end with all the books. I'm impressed at how much high-quality game you managed to cram into a Pico-8 format. I was briefly confused at the point where you have to jump up through a platform to a lever; I somehow didn't realize I could jump through it at first.

It's nice to see that Snail-chan is still having magical adventures!

Hoo boy, I thought I'd never beat that last level. Big difficulty spike there! Being unable to stop makes platforming hard!

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Nice animation on all the sprites, though. :)

Spoopy! A fun little horror experience!

The short version: This game looks great, with emphasis on looks great.

I like the aesthetics a lot. The color scheme is good and I seldom had trouble identifying game-relevant information, such as what I can stand on, what's dangerous, and what I can interact with. Character design is on point as well, with the two aliens/robots that I've encountered showing a good sense of menacing bulk. Animations are great; I love the "thumper" effect of the hammerhead alien, and the motions and types of movement available to the main character are beautifully animated.


In actual play, the main character feels incredibly stiff. Having walking be the default movement makes her feel slow, and every time she jumps, climbs, pulls herself up, or drops down from a platform, it feels like I lose control of the game and just have to wait for a canned animation to finish. Also the jumping--an important part of a platformer game--is unsatisfying, offering no air control and poor control over jump height/distance.

Also, collision detection feels off in bad ways. I've repeatedly died to lasers and mines that it didn't look like I was touching, and in some cases with wall jumping, safely hit and stuck to a wall just below a mine and then hit it and died upon jumping away. In contrast, trying to grab a ledge to pull up seems too picky.

If you can tighten up the collision detection, and rework the movement so that the main character feels as fluid as she looks, this will be a great game!

In Firefox on Linux, I get an error message: "Stage3d error: Context3D not available".

Yarr, me commercial whale huntin' be visibly damagin'  the world--perhaps I should heave to and ponder this . . .

Nay, me paycheck be dependin' on yon whale's blubber! D--n the glitches; harpoons away!

This reminds me of "The Lost Vikings" in a good way.

The adventures of Yeller Feller, Big Red, and Stilts McBlue shall not be forgotten!

Two big complaints about this, and I'm not sure which is the important one.

First, I need an option to invert the mouse Y axis. There's really no excuse for omitting this.

Second, it needs to be easier to tell which team a character is on when you see them. They need different color shirts, colored outlines, colored health bars, or SOMETHING. I don't know who to shoot until they start shooting me.

The graphics are cute and appropriate and the gameplay and level design are good. However, it's a little grindy (lots of going back and forth through the same few screens to earn money) and the boss fight is a HUGE jump in difficulty. I gave up and didn't bother finishing, although unlike Egg2Oof, my count was only in the low double digits.

Not bad! I had a little trouble working out how to interpret the messages about making the upgrades, and exactly where and how I needed to stand to do the upgrades. Also, I had to unplug my joystick to make it playable with the keyboard.

Those are minor technical glitches, though. The game itself was quite good. The art is well done: the retro style is charming, and all the relevant game elements were easy to interpret. Managing the warmth reserve wasn't difficult, really, but it added an element of challenge that made the game much more interesting, AND it really brought home the threat of the cold.

The game was short and simple, and somewhat lacking in replay value. However, I'm not going to count that against the game for two reasons: first, it was made in only 48 hours, and more importantly, the game has everything it needs to convey its message. "A machine should contain no unnecessary parts for the same reason that a drawing should contain no unnecessary lines," and this game contains no unnecessary elements.

I give this game one thumb up for quality work under time pressure and one thumb up for appropriate minimalism. :)

playing web version on Chrome. Character jumps repeatedly whether space is pressed or not. Can't double jump.

Not bad! I have some trouble with it because my muscle memory says I should "pull back on the stick" to go up.

Short, but very well done! There were a places in the purple world where I had trouble telling what was foreground and what was background, but that's my only criticism. I felt like you struck the perfect balance--at least for me, in this moment--of attainability and challenge. The simple art style was charming, and I appreciated the consistency of having the death elements always be red. I also enjoyed the different movement elements in each "world".

Oh my gosh! Thanks for showing my game!

I have penetrated the hidden meaning of the madman's scrawls. I have unraveled the secrets of the arcane sigils. I have performed the ritual as prescribed.

I have doomed us all.

You're off to a great start!

Not bad, not bad at all!

I do have a few complaints, though. First, it's annoying that attacking brings you to a dead stop, even in the air. It's also annoying that you don't resume moving unless you let up on the directional key.

Second, it's confusing that advancing the dialogue requires a key not mentioned anywhere.

Also, I hit the Windows key by accident once, but I guess that's my fault!

Hey, you got the product over the finish line and that's what counts! I had to leave a lot of content out of my game, too, because I'm a noob. What matters is that you got something done--most of the people who entered the jam didn't!

Aww yeah! MtG and pizza!

Well done. Having the player's shots affect both enemies and terrain was a neat twist!


I would like this game a WHOLE lot more if I had the option to invert the Y axis on the mouselook!

Not bad!

Controlling the car is pretty challenging, but I guess it's supposed to be.

Also, I found a bug: driving south on the highway stage select lets you drive off into a featureless gray void. It's possible to get back to the track from there, but perhaps you should have the highway loop in both directions?