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Hi randyberlin! Based on the Unity version that we used, High Sierra 10.13+ should be supported. Can you please email additional info to us at

Info like what version of OS High Sierra, what error message you are seeing, and other details would be very helpful.

We would love to contribute!

ayyyy thank youuuu  :D

Thank you Alexstrazsa! The game was designed to be challenging but fun at the same time, so hopefully you got to experience both sides! :D We appreciate your love and support! <3

Hi NLAigis! Thank you for playing and for sharing your feedback! We agree, there are areas that the game can be improved in. We're hoping to gather as much feedback as possible and incorporate in v.2 in the coming months.

Thank you BrazMogu! Let us know what you think :)

Thank you so much!! :D