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The outcome for a tie is technically added, although it is very likely it is buggy. Do you have a screenshot of the board? If not, what enemies/hazards were there?

As a sidenote, what OS are you on? I may have mixed some of the uploads of the current version with a unstable dev version since I had a lot of real life events going on back then.

Yeah, sorry for that, had a rushed story and Gameplay options so.... Yeah, ill try to improve It later.

Thanks for playing! I had to rush the story a bit, I made it all up in a day and implemented it the next day, I intend to continue developing this further once the jam has ended, and yeah, the first time you get to the land is very strange and confusing (because of the rushed story also).

Thanks! I'm going to try and improve it post-jam :)

Really liked the concept, very long intro though.

Nice game concept! Got a 10.32 in the tutorial level :) the rest of my times are pretty bad.

Thanks! I'll try to improve it post-jam.

Interesting take on the theme! Good one!