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Thanks! No problem haha

Check out my quick let's play! Cool little game!

Check out my quick Let's Play. I like the game, look forward to seeing some development. Looks and plays great for someone only learning UE4

Check out my ep2!! Two story floaty pallet base!

I have to say, I didn't expect too much from that game at first. Now I am impressed with it.
I look forward to what is to come in the future. Great small world, good ideas just needs some flushing out, the art style is good, etc etc

For a free game, I give it hands down 5 out of 5
And the dev's seem to be trying to constantly improve it which is not normal for other free game I have played.

Check out my Let's Play if you want

Check out my Let's Play!!! Gotta love this game!

Check out my Let's Play!! Pretty awesome game, love the concept!

Check out my Let's Play for Ravenfield! This game is amazing, and surpassed my expectations by a lot!!!

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check out my short Lets Play for Anchored!

Feel free to leave any feedback!