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I loved it! You really caught the creepy vibe I like when playing horror, and I would play any horror game from you anyday!Y ou definitely have my vote!<3 <3 <3 Keep up the good work!^^/

I liked it... You should finish it and make it bigger because it only has like 1 minute maybe, before there is nothing more to do...^^'a The laugh was cool and the environment is ideal for these kinds of games...<3

I was really enjoying the game but the demon is always getting me and I die right in the beginning...:S

It works...It just didn´t extract all to the same file so I created one to extract it there...:D Gonna play it now^^/

Loved it! <3

It´s so odd...- -a But non the less I still wanna play it.:D It looks really fun! <3

Yes, two times(besides the first) It says with this exact words: Error Failed to load: data/Actors.json :( 

How did you make it run?!...- -a

Couldn´t play it on the windows version. :( It says I´m missing a jason file...:(

Unfortunately I couldn´t play it. :( It gives an error saying I don´t have rpg maker 2003 rtp...and it doesn´t even start...:(