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Gimmer_Core is available for free on github. Get the current version here

I updated the MZ version. It seems to work now.

I've put up a fix for mine that seems to work with Galv message windows. It's possible certain configurations will still mess up in size, but I don't think so

I'm betting the display issue is because Galv is changing the size of the window, but my code is calculating based on it's original size. I'll see if I can look at Galv's stuff. Historically I've had issues with compatibility with him because of the way he sets up code.

I can't see how. Does it break in a blank project if you add Fossil?

So it turns out I did not see that you sent this message about Galv's thing.

Did you end up working around the problem, or is it still an issue?

that's ok, I just wanted to know if there was a standard library to handle wordwrapping.

For now I've rigged it up to work and I'm just ignoring word wrapping for now.

Grab this file to make Gimmer_Core compatible.
Grab this file to make Gimmer_ExpressingEmotions compatible.

I have tested this very little, but anger at least works

I got a chance to look at the code and it looks like MZ significantly changed how text comes out.
I don't suppose there's still a YEP_Messagecore that handles word wrap? I had to work around that one a ton as it basically rewrote messaging. If that doesn't exist anymore, life would be easier to handle

I can take a look into it, does it just not work, or does it put a specific error message?

Is your licenses.json coming from making a map or creating the file from scratch.

I think the map maker just has the terms hardcoded at present.

So you have two options:

1) edit Licenses.json to change the descriptions manually (find and replace might work)

2) edit mapConvert.html (line ~87 where LicenseMap is defined), and fix the default descriptions to the terms you are using for your game.

My bad, it's a separate section of my github. Forgot to put it into the zip.

Grab it and the instructions here

I'm not sure I understand the question?

The file inside the download includes those instructions:

# mapsOrder.html

### Reorder maps list outside of RPGMaker's UI

* Drag and drop the file onto / or open it with a web browser (Chrome or Firefox)

* Drag and drop the mapInfos.json file from your project's data folder

* Click on a map you want to move

* Click the + next to the map you want to move above, below, or inside

* Click above, below, or inside on the various buttons.

* Watch it move!

* Click the save button, and replace mapInfo.json with the file it makes

Hey Ryan,

Officially "gimmer_" is my "brand" I guess? Since no one says the underscore part out loud, I go by either names. I don't think I've been consistent in my tool labeling.

Hello Ryan!
I'm afraid this tool isn't particularly user friendly in it's current incarnation. It's a PHP script, so it requires you to have PHP installed on your computer and accessible from the command line. The script itself also has to be edited to be used properly, as it takes no arguments. It was originally built to be used exclusively by plugin devs to organize files, but I didn't think at the time most plugin devs don't use PHP.

I could add screen shots, but they'd just be screen shots of the command being run, really. I'm considering ways to make this tool more user friendly.