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Loved it!! Such a fun game, even though I suck at FPS!

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This is one of the most beautiful pixel games I've ever played! Highly recommend others to play this lovely game as well. I'm sure everyone will be dying for more when it ends! c:

Hey! We just uploaded our Let's Play of this game today and honestly it's one of our favorite videos that we've done!
A very cute and well made game. It feels very repetitive after a while, but after all it is supposed to be a casual game. Otherwise, the art and animation is perfect and we recommend this to anyone looking to pass the time with a fun little game!
We hope you enjoy our video! All support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to any other games from you in the future!

A bit late to the party, but we made a Let's Play of this game because it was so wonderful! Great job on this game, we hope you plan on making more fun visual novels.

We're a new gaming channel on Youtube and appreciate any support! Thanks a bunch!

Hey guys! Great game! The newest member of our channel, Nickie, played this and absolutely LOVED it! (I, Alex, did as well!) Both of us would even enjoy playing the game again for fun and recommend it to others, even non-gamers. There's a variety of characters to talk to, that you may miss sometimes when playing, so you can play over and over and for a while. The humor is perfect! We were both laughing at the jokes in the game, so great job with that! Overall, it was extremely cute and "spoopy" for sure, and we are so glad you decided to make this game! A game I personally won't forget about.

We really hope you guys will take the time to check out our gameplay of Coffin Counseling above because it was a really fun time and I think you'll get a kick out of it. We look forward to more games from you guys in the future!

--Alex [Editor of GIGAFYTE]

A classic interactive storyl! Really nostalgic with the whole Windows XP and AIM vibe going on! Eumir really enjoyed this game and absolutely loved the incorporation of each year's culture through the icon selections. The only thing he would have enjoyed more would have been if the user could actually type in messages and send them, but of course that takes coding to a whole new level, so. Either way, great game!

We would appreciate anyone who takes the time to check out our full gameplay of the game below and/or subscribing to us!

Our newest gaming member of our channel, Nickie, just played this horror game and loved it! He is newer to the world of gaming, so this was his first time EVER playing a horror game. He was terrified--shaking and sweating in fear actually--but overall his experience was enjoyable! The gameplay is very smooth and the graphics are incredible for a game made in such a short time. We were very impressed with this horror game! Thank you so much for creating this free game for us to play, we hope to see more from you guys in the future! We would appreciate it if anyone checks out our Let's Play video and our channel. Thanks so much!

--Alex [Editor of GIGAFYTE]

Alberto actually has never been introduced to an indie game until this one, so that also plays a pretty big factor as to why he struggled so much and got so frustrated, hahah. The rest of us enjoyed it!

I saw you recently put up Coffin Counselling! I figured we would have Eumir (we have multiple gamers on our channel) play this one instead, as he is a bit more familiar with this style of games. I, myself, am excited to play it for sure! Keep up the awesome work! :)


Thank you for making this game! I (Alex) enjoyed the game, although found it rather frustratingly challenging! My friends certainly were challenged with this game as well. We made a Let's Play on our channel and it just came out today! [Note: Alberto was EXTREMELY frustrated when playing the game, hahah.]