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Hey guys! Great game! The newest member of our channel, Nickie, played this and absolutely LOVED it! (I, Alex, did as well!) Both of us would even enjoy playing the game again for fun and recommend it to others, even non-gamers. There's a variety of characters to talk to, that you may miss sometimes when playing, so you can play over and over and for a while. The humor is perfect! We were both laughing at the jokes in the game, so great job with that! Overall, it was extremely cute and "spoopy" for sure, and we are so glad you decided to make this game! A game I personally won't forget about.

We really hope you guys will take the time to check out our gameplay of Coffin Counseling above because it was a really fun time and I think you'll get a kick out of it. We look forward to more games from you guys in the future!

--Alex [Editor of GIGAFYTE]