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Thanks! I'm on a short break right now so it might take little bit, but keep an eye out ;)

Hey, thanks for supporting me :)

It's actually intentional, even though it looks a bit odd if you focus on it when it's not in motion. This is how the original pokemon sprites worked as well. They probably didnt use a flipped side frame because it would look nearly identical to the other and removing frames from an animation actually makes a difference on the Game Boy that had very limited space to work with.

Either way i'll try to add the flipped frame soon!

thanks! I worked really hard to get it out on time. The grid thing is kind of a restriction with GB Studio, the program i used to make this, but it might be possible. I'll try it out some time :)

Thanks for using my stuff! Good luck with the project :)

Alright good to know, i can add more keys to the controls no problem. Thanks for letting me know 

Thank you!


Glad you like it! The gameboy sure has it's limits ;)


The controls are just the standard controls for gameboy games on pc, what kind of layout doesnt it work with? Do you have a different keyboard? Zelda was obviously a big inspiration ;)

Thanks! Might make it longer in the future :)

The controls are in the description

Yes i  thought so too, all my stuff is CC0  now

thanks a lot :)

Thanks! I'd love to add some sound and music soon, still trying to get a grip of how it works.

Thanks for the kind words, the minish cap and the capcom zeldas were a big inspiration.

I'm so glad it works well on an actual gameboy, i havent had the chance to test it! Did you write the game on a gbc cartridge? I'm interrested in getting some hardware to test stuff on the real hardware but i'm not sure how to go about it.

Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate it. More games coming some time in the future :)

Thanks, glad you like it! The raccoon is being reset on purpose to guide the player south if they havent gone that way yet, but i guess it is a bit annoying haha.

Thanks for letting me know, and glad you like it :)

Not sure what happened at the turtle shell, i'll have a look.

Thank you! :)


Thanks a lot, glad you like it!

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Thank you so much! That really means a lot :)

alright i'll just remove this license for now. You can use my assets for anything you want and credits are appreciated but not necessary.

i see, i was not aware of this, thanks a lot for the explanation. What license would you recommend? Either way i would never go after license breakers, i just want people to use my stuff :)

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Whats the problem with that? I can change it.

Hahah yeah

Thanks :) Game Maker Studio 1

Thanks a lot :)

I would love to make some pokemon style monsters some time but like you said that is a great undertaking. I might upload some free alternative pokémon sprites to be used in fan games though. So yeah it's really up to the developer what they want to use this for. Right now i'm not sure what the next step will be for this series so i'll keep expanding this pack and work a little more on the GB Oracles series.

Thanks a lot, more coming soon :)

Thank you so much! :)

Yes a character pack is next! I'll post some previews on twitter soon

For sure, i like that idea

Thank you! I just replied to your twitter dm :)


Glad you like him :)

Glad you like it :)

Thank you!

Enjoy! :)