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Red Radish Robotics is a FREE escape game, fresh out of IFComp2020, the annual contest for Interactive Fiction. 

Synopsis: On the seventh floor of HQ, the professor rushed into the games room as people yelled and slammed doors in the corridor outside. He hugged you to sleep. That is your last memory. You wake to discover that something terrible must have occurred. In the event of an emergency, your mission is to search the rooms, rescue your colleagues, and then meet the professor outside. But something seems different tonight.

This is the first release from Gibbo Gamebooks, so it's offered to you for free! If you enjoy it, please show your support by joining the mailing list to hear about future games. Enjoy!

Great! It was just a comment on a thread, so I guess it was someone who had enjoyed your game and remembered it as a good example of the choices-within-sentences style. I'm working on developing free-roaming grid-based navigation with moving enemies, so it wasn't what I was looking for, but I was struck by the similarities in genre to my first game and enjoyed it very much nonetheless!

Great fun! Someone mentioned this on Reddit as an example of a way to navigate larger maps in IF. I took a look as I'm exerimenting with more advanced navigation concepts, but, coincidently, this game (with its naive server robot) is on the same wavelength as my IFComp2020 entry. I'd love if you checked it out - if you're playing this year's entries (Red Radish Robotics). Otherwise, the game will be uploaded to itch after the competition - early Nov. I'll check out your others soon as well.

Thats what I tried :(

It says I can't use my hands to open the garage door when I type to use the keycard.

Nice game, but I also got stuck. I'm on mobile so no tab button. It would be good to have a hint option or a link to a walk through on this page.