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Really great atmosphere. Well crafted visuals and music did a lot with very little. I came away wanting more but I'm not sure what I would've added. I feel in my heart like this would work great in an anthology of short experiences centered around the same thing in the caverns.

strange and unapologetic. i def needed a walkthrough but i'm glad i got to experience this

Wonderful, strange, and confident in its strangeness. Great pacing on the tone of the dreams as they go on. So many good bits but the tender warmth of the secret dream was such a standout, I really liked how even as the dreams got darker there were still impactful moments of positivity. Big fan!

great game would share a tender moment with lili in front of a mysterious monument and wonder if it's felt like this for 100 years again

Getting Lost In Unfamiliar Spaces is the only good video game genre. this is everything i want my dreams not to be. 5/5

Thank you for the kind words and v pleased to hear you enjoyed it!

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wow, thank you! that's very kind of you to say, glad you liked it!

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a twine game about the minor terrors of introverted social life plus the major terrors of losing yourself in an alternate reality. it's mainly a comedy with some light surreal horror elements sprinkled in. cw: lots of vulgar language.

from the description on the page:

you just started at community college, leaving behind everything you've ever cared about. make friends, skip class, get lost in the multiverse.

estimated runtime: 30-45 minutes if you take it slow

if you give it a play, i hope you enjoy it!