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Ah, I remember playing Dreamnoid's other game, The Lightkeeper, and I loved it. I've downloaded this game right now and haven't started playing it yet, but I know this will make for a fun night.

For its minimalist design, this game is surprisingly fun. The fight encounters can be fun, with some more challenging enemies which would require good decision making and strategies to overcome, with optional areas in the game world. If you're a fan of games with turn-based combat and rpg elements, it's recommended to check out this one. 

Oh, both of those are great to hear! Will definitely be checking out your new game :)

That's nice to hear, and have done so already.

I just tried out a third game of yours, Tower of Ordal. Despite being a minimalist game in nature, and the fact that I'm not personally the best fan of turn-based combat games, this was still surprisingly enjoyable.

Lightkeeper was my favorite among the three, probably because I'm a fan of metroidvania-styled shooter games. But all three have been entertaining. You could be a professional game developer at this rate. Best of luck with future projects :)

This is a fun little game with a good non-linear game world, packed with upgrades, enemies, and bosses. What I like most about this game is the eerie environment and story-telling. I've also played your zelda-like game, Legends of Aereven, and that was pretty good too.

It seems like you have a lot of good potential in game design and making, so keep at it! 10/10