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thank you! i appreciate it!

thank you so much! 

I'm glad (or not!?) that you can sympathize!  Thank you!

Gosh, thank you!

(at least in my experience) It's a weird state of being between sleep and wakefulness, you feel awake but you may still be partially asleep -- because your body has not awoken/will not allow you to move this causes panicked feelings -- and the panic + being not fully awake can lead to terrible hallucinations!

I have subtitles on the Creed here on Youtube, I hope this helps! 

box quote! haha :)

ahhh T^T
thank you so much! i'm glad you enjoyed(?)  it :)

hi! I'm a sound designer/composer so I really appreciate that! Thank you! I'm always so fascinated hearing about other people's experiences with sleep paralysis, too <3

haha yeah, definitely a *do not recommend* technique

goodness, thank you! <3

I created a gif in Photoshop :-)

Thank you! ^-^

Goodness, thank your for the lovely review!  I look forward to seeing what else you write about in the future! 

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Thank you so much!

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Hello! Haha, I definitely did not expect anyone to make a playthrough video! It was very entertaining to watch!  I'll be making games with more variables and stronger player agency in the future when I have a better grasp on the programming side of things, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game!  And, oh yes... I have a son. His name is Grendel! (p.s. If you play Southern Monsters the big game we've been working on over the past few years, you'll get to see more of him! It comes out next year.)


The precious son of Priscilla and Kevin Snow

Thank you!  Yes, I'll add a warning in the about section, should have remembered to do that at launch!