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Thanks for all the feedback Bela! This is really helpful!

I'll definitely aim to get a gentler ramp up with some new levels for next month. I've lost my sense of difficulty so hearing from a new player about where you got stuck or how much damage you averaged is excellent reference for making things friendlier for on-boarding for future new players. I'll also need to figure out how to establish a clear and consistent visual language for hazards.

Adding more bonus power-ups into the stage is also an excellent idea that I'll need to introduce and figure out how to balance.

As for the blurry UI, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that. It's part of the aesthetic but I definitely get that it makes some things difficult to read, so I'll either need to make text bigger or perhaps bypass the blur entirely for the UI.

Thanks again for all your comments. Very much appreciated. If you ever have any specific gameplay questions feel free to ask in the discord channel.

I'll be putting together all the development screenshots over the next week, should have it ready to share before the end of the month. If your rewards include the soundtrack then you should already have access through this page - please let me know if you're not able to access the soundtrack downloads and I'll investigate.

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Hi, I wanted to create a thread for any important information about the game. Here's some notes:

- The game was designed to be played with a dual-stick gamepad but supports keyboard controls as well.
- The game does not support any mouse functionality.
- If using keyboard controls - 'E' key is typically the select key, and 'Q' key is typically the back key.
- To change the language of the game after selecting it the first time, hold the 'L' key down through the splash screen to re-engage the language selection screen.

I will update this post as necessary to provide information important to the game's functionality.

Ah, it looks like pre-orders need placeholder content and then need to be updated manually so I'll be leaving it with the current system where the game will be purchasable once it hits the release date.

Thanks for asking about this.

I will look into this. I haven't ever set up a pre-order on itch before.