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I'm planning on dropping a chunk of community copies when I release the game (around next month), and maybe consider an option to buy additional community copies for the game.

The game is in Early Access at the moment, and I have posted the current file on the Discord server, so you can get it from there.

I highly recommend people here to check out The Art of the Menu for inspiration.

I am unsure if I will personally participate, I gotta see if I get inspired myself. 

How is it possible!? In the game file itself, I forgot to mention that while you're incanting a spell, taking any damage will instantly make you fail the spell!

That's absolutely my bad.

Making a new post for 0.9!

The first issue I noticed is that I forgot to update the name for Spell Themes into Disciplines in most places. These two are synonyms!

Yeah, it might be better to make a general level 1 block, for posterity as well. For example, the next game I'm thinking of making, Grimwarden, might have a Path not every character can even improve, so it makes sense to not include stuff in its 0 area.

The list keeps growing. It's gonna take a couple of weeks to make all the changes, I'm a little busy this week but V2 is definitely coming.

Made a devlog about it and put a link to the discord onto the store page.

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I have discussed the game in the discord servers mentioned in the special thanks section, but I have gotten this question a few times now, so I think I'll just make a new server for it today. Might become especially useful when I start work on the alternate settings that go further away from Pathfinder.

So stay tuned! I'll try to setup the server sometime today and put the permanent link on the itch page.

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Hello! Wanted to make a thread to document all the errors in the Early Access version, so I can fix them in the Early Access V2 when  I get some of the art for the game and so forth.

You can post any issues you come across here and I'll see to them!

Known Issues:

  • Several Typos
  • Potency and Power need clarification (Especially in that Power is always 1 by default unless it increases)
  • Huge ranged weapons can be used for Stealth Attack, kinda bonkers
  • Multiple Attack Penalty refreshing isn't written incredibly clean.
  • Flanking Rules are missing
  • All area effects should be in 15 foot and 25 foot increments, instead they are in 20 and 30 foot.
  • Character sheet references using all Hero Points to avoid death, forgot to write the rule in the body of text
  • Equipment Slots have mixed names (Gloves -> Hands etc)
  • Fortitude and Willpower should scale with Martial and Magic paths respectively. Also some kind of General Boon or Feat to increase them manually would be useful.
  • Retraining rules are missing
  • Unarmed Fists do not have damage (outside of Brawler), should be 1d4, of course.

The minimum price has been set to 15, so it's probably that. I could change the character sheet from a "demo" itch forces me to call it to just a permanent dono fixture?

Oops! There are several typos in the game, but thanks for notifying me! This one slipped right past me.

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The wording is a little confusing there, I must admit, but the point with that sentence is that once you have RESOLVED a flipped or foreshadowed card, you don't put it back to the deck. 

Normally, when you resolve an upright card, you may flip it and put it back into the deck, to facilitate foreshadowing. However, once you have foreshadowed the event, you do not put it back to the deck again. That's what the 'either type of flipped card' meant in this context. Because otherwise you could technically loop foreshadowing events forever.

For the actual flipping mechanic, I do admit that it's vague, but on purpose. The reason is because the timeline is fuzzy, you can leave an entire event hanging like that. I usually do it like you describe it, by leaving a blank space which I fill once I have chosen to connect it to something. But sometimes I might juggle the actual event further back, if it doesn't fit the current timeline of events.

I guess it would have made more sense if I had the two paragraphs (Flipping and Foreshadowing) the other way around, and instead say that if you flip an event, you write it only after Foreshadowing it with another event?

Flipping as a mechanic is older than Foreshadowing (which was added quite late), so I didn't really realize this kind of obvious connection with the two.

Edit: I'm probably going to release an updated version soon.

I think it is done for now. Unless I come up with a major improvement, I'm done with this project.

I would love to say that this is nonsense, but rather I will say that it is rather refreshing.

The video Batts made is phenomenal, and was the main reason I bought it.

My thoughts are hard to put into words, I must say. Let's say that it presents a different way of thinking about what game design is. Something fundamentally opposed to how I do it, and even more fundamentally opposed to how most do it.

I like it.

Thanks, it's a kind of abstract take on roleplaying, and it worked surprisingly well when I ran it. We had people needing to break free from pulling a toilet lever endlessly and another who thought that a bicycle was a human.

It got comedic but I think the idea of the game still shined through.

Sorry for being late to the game! I want to submit to the bundle.