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I can let you know through here, if you want :^o

Thank you!!

Hey, thank you! I really enjoyed the assets I made for this heheh

Me and the friend how programmed this one will move to GameMaker to finish this later on :^) Hope you can play it once it's finished!

This is ridiculously funny, congrats!

I love how the lights work in this one :^o Super cool

Thank you! Hmmm, after you download the zip, just open the GameBoi.exe one and it should work!

This is such a good entry! I love the way you incorporated the picross puzzles. Congrats!

This was so much fun! Congrats!

This game is so cute!! Love the art style :^)

Hi! I'm glad to hear you like it! At the moment we are on a hiatus, due to some unexpected difficulties with the development (I'll post some more info about this on my twitter at some point), but the plan is to start working on it again this year. So please keep an eye out!

Omg!! Thank you so much! Your fanart looks absolutely amazing <3 <3

We hope you enjoy the full game once it's out!

I really like the game! It has an interesting concept and story, and the art is fits it so well!

I ran into a bug on the shop Friday night, if I sell and buy too many things, it takes me home automatically and resets the day, so I ended up playing the same day several times.

Unfortunately I couldn't get more than the neutral (I assume) ending.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed our game!

Sorry for the late reply! 

Thanks for paying our and I'm glad to hear you felt welcome in the experience!

Hello! I'm one of the artists in the game.

I'm glad to hear you liked it! We tried to capture each members own experiences with depression, so it's good to hear other people can also relate.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! We are hoping to release the full version at some point next year!

Really liked the puzzle mechanics! Great job!

I really love this one, so sweet!

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Hello! Thanks for playing our game (or rather, trying haha)!

The game screen is initially unresponsive, so you might have to click on it before pressing any buttons. The menu is controlled with arrow keys, and enter to select.

Thank you for inviting  our game to participate! I'd love to, but I need to speak to the other members of the team to make sure!