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I would love some reviews on this. I am open to any ideas and suggestions you may have. Thanks 

would like to know how you got working online servers. I am making a battle royale and would love to know how you got online servers. Thanks.

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What is your kill record.  

We all love battle royale. They are just fun and addicting. I love battle royales so much that I decided to make one. Come check out my battle royale at . Multiplayer and online servers are not working and I am fixing them now. Hopefully you can play online soon!See you on the battlefield soldier.!


it depends, I will add lore here and there but it depends on what the community wants!

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When you try to do a hack there will be a slight chance the hack will not work, and if it does work you will get success points. There will be a shop where you can spend your points to buy new hacks. There might also be a leaderboard for the person with the most successful hacks. would love for some feedback. Large update planned to come today or tommorow! I would love some feedback! It is only a prototype to see if people like it. There is already a large content update planned though! Enjoy!