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Couldn't figure out if I was picking up the right pieces or not, only the left number went up. But had a good time running around looking for them.

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Didn't make my way past the Sudwala note, but had a decent time doing the research up to that point. Nice work pulling in that Carmen Sandiego vibe.
Edit: Looks like I was misled by a bad travel site on what airports were nearby, they didn't even list that particular city as having one. Naive me just kept trying basically everything else in the area.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the jam!
If you're having problems getting your game submitted for whatever reason, please send me a message. (Via the IGDA DC Discord gets the fastest response) I may be able to get you a workaround for late submission.

Remember, there's also a list of (optional!) diversifiers if you want to add extra challenge to your project.
Good luck everyone! 

Looks like the original Discord link expired, so I've replaced it. You can join us for the theme reveal in the #june-jam channel of the IGDA DC server here:

In the recent update to GameMaker 2023.4.0.84 released about three weeks ago, template strings were added as a new feature, allowing you to replace the clunky concatenation of "Hello my name is " + myName + "!" with an inline variable instead.
When I try the following code, I get an error from GMLive in the Output window "Expected a value, got dollar_sign"

Example Code:
var fruit = "apple"
var guess = $"My guess is {fruit}"

Temporary fix info here in this thread:

Thanks for the catch, our addled brains didn't even include credit for the two of us!

Curiously, the jam rules as posted do not state anything about attribution, nor disclosure of prior assets in general, really. Just "majority of work must be during the jam, etc. etc." (Bit of a loophole there, in my opinion.) If you know of a more comprehensive, official guide, by all means point me at it.

Per alexdraws, the assets can be used any way the owner likes (which would include without attribution).

Looking forward to rating your submission in the next few days!

Much appreciated. I've sent the info to community@ with the itch link and project files. 

Here's the itch page until then:

Per the info page: "Submit a game & the project files created between Nov 14th - Nov 21st." I understood the deadline to include November 21st, rather than at 00:00 on November 21st. Can we get the submission window opened back up until 23:59 (UTC) November 21st?

Definitely with you on that one. In the limited amount of time I had, I hoped to at least make them varying intensities, but didn't get a chance to check if they were far enough apart. When I do get back to tinkering with this again, piece visibility (in all cases) is definitely at the top of my list. (Ten minutes adding X's and O's to the blocks would be a decent temporary solution.)