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sorry for the delay! you're good to use it commercially! feel free to donate more if you want to tho.. haha

Haha glad to hear it! and appreciate it very much! It's not easy being a poor boy, but every so often I get a nice comment like this that encourages me to keep going and keep dreaming of being a game artist/dev! Thank you!

You need to buy a soda.. you get a free pen & then you need something to write on..... bingo bango you get a ride.. bingo bango end of game-o

free again my friends

So payments should work now again who ever just tried to buy this but couldnt.. 

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yea i will probably make it free again in the future at some point.. was free for a long long while and figured id do a test run to see what happened if i had it up for sale... $1 or .50 cents not exactly gonna break the bank or do much of anything for me, but understand that a 10-15 min game might not be worth that to some people. there was a sale on all my stuff but it just ended today.

haha thanks!

thanks! appreciate you checking it out and buying it! 

thats right 2 spooky for anyone to buy ever.. haha lets hope they let me start selling stuff on

I'll try to get to it soon if i can.. main issue is that i am pretty sure i haven't even sold one copy of this typeface.. so spending more time on it not exactly a top priority.

haha sorry! We originally had it the same sounds as the organ but then changed it to be more crystal-like sounds and yea seems it does throw some people off for sure.. so we will probably change/fix that eventually. 

Music puzzle solution: if you are facing the organ play the crystal to the right, - then play the middle crystal behind you - then play the crystal to the left of the organ (while facing it) - then play the crystal directly behind you - and then the crystal that is directly across from the first one you hit.. (if you cant make sense of this then... go to 8:08'ish in the vid and tada!) 

Thanks a bunch! Yup, we were definitely going for a Moebius/ligne claire style so glad to hear you say that. We hope to keep working on the game so hopefully you'll have more to play eventually! & @futuristteletex

Ha! Thanks a bunch! I saw i got a comment and worried someone was gonna be upset or something.. lol... Keep intouch! Im pretty available lately to work on more projects/clients.

Pretty neat! Enjoyed the look and feel of this.. could see it as a small part of a bigger game that i would enjoy playing. Good work!

Enjoyed it! not entirely sure whats going on.. it reminded me a bit of toe jam and earl 2's hyperfunk zone and i am not sure why but i like it!.. nice job!

Go check out my entry:

"I have no idea whats going on.." - 10/10 i loved it!
Go check out my submission!

Enjoyed it! Had a little bit of a hard time figuring out what was going on.. I was shooting the black ball/face thing but then it kinda just went away and i didnt know what to do next. i liked the setting and the initial drawing & animation plus the setting/atmosphere of the whole thing was really cool. Cool job!

go check out my submission if you havent already!

I couldnt find the original file so unfortunately have to just cut down that music loop. =( What a shame that was my favorite one!

I am sorry for any trouble & because of this error I have just added 4 new music loops (+ shortened version of the one that had an error) as well as 4 new sounds to the pack!

Again Thanks!

The sounds/music were made a long time ago & seems as if that music loop got weirdly messed up.. (think it has to do w/ the old zip compression that you had a problem with originally. Guess that file just doesnt want to cooperate!)

Thanks for pointing out that its messed up! I'll see if i can find a version of it that isnt corrupted like that.. I might have to cut it down and loop it so its shorter, which would be unfortunate. (but only if i cant find it on my old harddrive) I'll let you know what happens! First i gotta find my old harddrive.. haha..

Glad you enjoyed the sfx! thanks for the purchase & sorry for the trouble! These are my first few assets ive added onto itch & taking some time to work out the issues especially since those sfx are really pretty old!

Let me know if its fixed!

Ah crap I wondered if that was gonna happen! Give me a sec and ill re-upload..!