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I'll try to get to it soon if i can.. main issue is that i am pretty sure i haven't even sold one copy of this typeface.. so spending more time on it not exactly a top priority.

haha sorry! We originally had it the same sounds as the organ but then changed it to be more crystal-like sounds and yea seems it does throw some people off for sure.. so we will probably change/fix that eventually. 

Music puzzle solution: if you are facing the organ play the crystal to the right, - then play the middle crystal behind you - then play the crystal to the left of the organ (while facing it) - then play the crystal directly behind you - and then the crystal that is directly across from the first one you hit.. (if you cant make sense of this then... go to 8:08'ish in the vid and tada!) 

Thanks a bunch! Yup, we were definitely going for a Moebius/ligne claire style so glad to hear you say that. We hope to keep working on the game so hopefully you'll have more to play eventually!

 ghostlygurustudios@gmail.com & @futuristteletex

Ha! Thanks a bunch! I saw i got a comment and worried someone was gonna be upset or something.. lol... Keep intouch! Im pretty available lately to work on more projects/clients.

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I am having an issue where the previews of shapes are merged with other shapes.. - such as this screenshot with a tire inside my primitives -... (have a different object merged inside of preview images for every other type of shape too..) the objects dont appear in editor when i use the shapes, but is sort of annoying..  ill try to reinstall and ill let you know what happens..

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Okay so I think i understand why this is happening.. but should it be happening? When I load up my saved model everything is shifted off weird and its basically busted.. and i have to redo/fix.. THINK it has to do with the grid and how im resizing objects? like basically i shouldnt be able to do what im doing but.. im doing it.. and then when it loads back up the grid data is poopied?


THE BUSTED -(managed to get it slighttttly less busted this time after fixing the last 2 times back to as close to its original state as i could.. )

Pretty neat! Enjoyed the look and feel of this.. could see it as a small part of a bigger game that i would enjoy playing. Good work!

Enjoyed it! not entirely sure whats going on.. it reminded me a bit of toe jam and earl 2's hyperfunk zone and i am not sure why but i like it!.. nice job!

Go check out my entry: https://itch.io/jam/mysticwestern/rate/73753

"I have no idea whats going on.." - 10/10 i loved it!
Go check out my submission! https://itch.io/jam/mysticwestern/rate/73753

Enjoyed it! Had a little bit of a hard time figuring out what was going on.. I was shooting the black ball/face thing but then it kinda just went away and i didnt know what to do next. i liked the setting and the initial drawing & animation plus the setting/atmosphere of the whole thing was really cool. Cool job!

go check out my submission if you havent already! https://itch.io/jam/mysticwestern/rate/73753

I couldnt find the original file so unfortunately have to just cut down that music loop. =( What a shame that was my favorite one!

I am sorry for any trouble & because of this error I have just added 4 new music loops (+ shortened version of the one that had an error) as well as 4 new sounds to the pack!

Again Thanks!

The sounds/music were made a long time ago & seems as if that music loop got weirdly messed up.. (think it has to do w/ the old zip compression that you had a problem with originally. Guess that file just doesnt want to cooperate!)

Thanks for pointing out that its messed up! I'll see if i can find a version of it that isnt corrupted like that.. I might have to cut it down and loop it so its shorter, which would be unfortunate. (but only if i cant find it on my old harddrive) I'll let you know what happens! First i gotta find my old harddrive.. haha..

Glad you enjoyed the sfx! thanks for the purchase & sorry for the trouble! These are my first few assets ive added onto itch & taking some time to work out the issues especially since those sfx are really pretty old!

Let me know if its fixed!

Ah crap I wondered if that was gonna happen! Give me a sec and ill re-upload..!