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I love this! Great music too. By my 3rd game I got a decent production line happening. I did get stuck with 0 stone and planks early on; might be nice to have a stone equivalent (doesn't require further processing) to wood for basic structures. Also numpad movement would go a long way! And F1 or clicking Help crashes on my Mac. Keeping a close eye on this!

Thank you! We've...often talked about going full XCOM and making EFA team-based, but it's perhaps better served in its own dedicated game. Someday, maybe! The UI is definitely an uphill battle, but we're cranking on it daily. Appreciate the kind words!

Thank you! Haque's been a blast so far — very impressive. 

Hey, thanks a lot! This version is quite outdated, and we've squashed quite a few bugs since (and added a customizeable keymap too). We took a microbreak this month but will be back on it shortly — stay tuned!