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Thank you so much for playing! I'm doing some various things for the patch right now, including fixing the end bit. Apparently I accidentally left an event that runs from the action button ^-^". 

No problem, and I'm happy to hear that! It IS gonna get a second wind eventually, I'm just fixing some bugs and whatnot. Plus I'm working on other projects in an attempt to avoid further burnout.

Yeah, that's currently as far as things go, and I'll make a note in the description about the key input-thing. I got kinda burned out on this project, so development is currently on hold (unfortunately).

I'm glad you like the game so far! Thank you so much for playing ^-^

Okay, I think I've fixed it. I'm currently working on a patch for the game, so that'll be included in the patch. Thank you again for telling me.

Huh, that's weird. I'll fix that when I get a chance. I think I know what's wrong but I'm not 100% sure. Thank you for letting me know!

Oh okay, great! I was planning on using RPG Maker VX ACE , and yeah, this does help clear things up. Thank you so much ^-^

I'm debating joining this jam, but I don't know what engine the set is meant for (in my understanding, different engines need different sizes of tilesets). If someone could fill me in on that, that'd be great!

Hey, I'm just glad I got to be a part of the jam! I'm glad that people are liking Rust  so far, and I'm currently planning a patch that'll hopefully "flesh" out the lore a bit more, as well as add general polish to the game. I'm actually really happy tat people seem to enjoy the concept! 


I'm definitely going to be adding a patch to the game after the jam is complete (or at some other point in the future), but I'm really glad that it sounds like you enjoyed the game!

Okay everyone, hopefully I have it fixed by now. I hope that y'all enjoy the game!

Just sent a Discord friend request. Sorry if this is an inconvenience  "^-^

Yeah, I've got Discord. Mine's VampireRae#5237, I'll DM you. Thanks dude!

Hey, I had to fix a pretty nasty bug in my game (RUST) that rendered it unplayable. Is it possible to turn the upload closure off for a sec so I can upload the fixed file?

Yeah, I have an idea of what's going on now, I think it's some sorta compression issue. I just gotta put the files in the folders and it should be fine from there. It'll take maaaaayyybe five minutes? ^-^"

Huh. Okay, I think I know how to fix it. Apparently it's some sort of glitch with RTP tiles. I just gotta put the files in and re-compress it. It'll probably take like five minutes, thanks for letting me know!

Oh okay! I still feel kinda bad though, so thanks for being so chill about this ^-^

Sorry, I'm on a PC, so I was under the impression that Macs and PCs weren't all that different. I genuinely didn't know that. I admit I probably should've researched that beforehand, so I'll change it if I can't figure out the compatibility. I'm honestly sorry about the inconvenience man. I seriously didn't know.

Okay, it should be working properly now. Sorry again about this, I'm more used to VX ACE than I am to RMXP ;-;

Okay, I think it should be working now! Sorry again about all of this, I'm not super familiar with RMXP ;-;

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Hey, sorry about that. I'm working on fixing the issue. Apparently it might've compressed improperly. I'm working on it, and it should be fixed before the day's out.

Okay, I'll take a look at the files and see what the issue could be. I'm sorry about this, it ran fine for me so I have no clue what the issue may be.

Sorry if I implied it was the dev's fault, that's not at all what I meant. What I meant was that the dev might know how to fix the issue, but I think I'm gonna just leave it be for now.

It didn't work. Same crap is happening. I'm probably going try looking into contacting the developer at some point.

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Oh wow, I'm dumb. Thank you, I'll give that a try...nope, same result.

I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. I'm going to try deleting and redownloading the program, that usually fixes this stuff.

EDIT: So I'm going to try downloading the app and redownloading butler from there.

Yeah, sorry I was kinda vague there. (Before I forget, the "$ butler -V" command shows the same error.)

I'm trying to run butler from the command terminal (cmd.exe), but my system is acting like the program doesn't exist? I know I've installed it correctly (to my knowledge at least), and I've tried using the "butler -V" command, and it still acts weird. I've never used butler before, so if anyone can help me that would be great. Thanks! (Btw if screenshots are needed I can add some.)

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Aw thank you!! I didn't get as much done as I would've liked, but I'm gonna try to update it monthly (8th of each month) until it's complete ^-^

Oh shoot, sorry. I've never done this before. I'll get this sorted out, thank you for letting me know! ^-^