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Dylan Growcoot

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Thanks for this experience *-*

awesome little game. really psychedelic effects and excellent capturing of public speaking lol

The graphics are truly amazing; i've never seen anything like this before. Really wonderful. Gameplay wise, there's not much here. A walking simulator more than a game. Still great, but I hope the final product is rich in story and atmosphere to compensate

Love the real-life work you put into this game! This is exactly what will always set indie games apart from the mainstream market :)

i found out what you have to do; the screen static resets the code. you have to find (or figure out) what the right order is, and click each x in order

i got stuck here too :(

Thanks for checking it out :D We're considering making ports (including steam) once this game gets more traction, to justify the added time / cost... I sincerely hope we do :)

Awesome! Thanks for the comment!

Awesome, thank you! 

Awesome! Didn't find any of the secrets T^T

This is the first game made by two people, so please support us by trying this game and telling us if you like it!
Use your mouse or controller to carefully navigate these 2D abstract environments with a little ball.

Please leave us some feedback; there's a lot more content to come but the game is fully playable and you can compete for times :)