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Ghetto Conspiracy

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Or can you send us a message via twitter ? ;) Cheers

Thanks a lot ! Of course we want to translate it  in Spanish ;) I PM you ;) Thanks for the support !

Merci Jean Marc !

looks cool!

great game!

Ghetto Conspiacy- French Beta coming soon! In one month ! For the moment you can play the demo (english and french) 40 scenes and 30 characters you can interact with !

Players control a young wannabe-rapper named Lucas, who drinks too much at a party one night and awakens to find his friends Camille and Tony are missing. You soon discover that Camille has been taken by the local crime boss because of a debt you owe. But even that is nothing compared to "the terrible reptilian conspiracy" at play in the secret shadows of your little French hometown. 

° Inspired by Lucasart's point and click (Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Sam and Max...)

Looks great !

Thank you Jones ! ;) Your game looks nice too ! ;)

Thank you Cryptic !!!! ;)

Hi !

The demo is available for mac and windows in English and French !

Try it on our page! (pegi 16)