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I understand the meaning of life now lmao 

Jumpscare killed me 

this is absolute excellence developer!  

Had a little too much fun playing this

Absolute W game


Absolute W game!

Ouuuu I like this one

Fire!!! This is kinda difficult lmao

I like it! It's chaotic but still fun but that is the point  of sensory overload lol

Nice, simple and to the point! 

Think i found something nobody else found....Game was fire though! Its the second game. 

I tried... thats all that matters lol. Jump scare took my soul though. Its the 3rd game btw. 

Game was definitely fire. Simple and action pact.

(1 edit) messaged me asking me to be a judge. I was like sure!

As you all know the theme is sensory overload. Me personally I judge a game based on quality and uniqueness. I really like good graphics, sound effects, music, atmosphere, uniqueness, and overall FUN! I love funny games, horror games, and weird games.  I'm a YouTuber so I will upload my favorite games so people can see them. Here are a couple of games that I really enjoyed. 

Sexy serial killer - A horror game but the killer is sexy and ridiculously proportioned if you know what I mean lol. 

Jo's house - A game about a horribly proportioned man with obesity, you have to stop him from eating by setting up his house. 

Death Flush - A game about dookie, and a man scared to use the bathroom. 

Stuck together babysitter - A game about babysitting but the kids are acting crazy. You can karate kick them to stop them. 

Anger Foot - A game literally about going around kicking and shooting people. (Good sensory overload in my opinion)

I plan on playing every game! Good Luck!

One of my fav videos, im guessing this is a part 2 of the game? Playing this immediately!

think I laughed more than I was scared. Enjoyed it though 🤣 

Developer...we need to talk. Nah lol game was fire

It scariest game i played all year...but you might laugh the whole time lol changed my mind.

Here ya go!

W Game 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 here’s me being scared for 10 min 

Took out a lot of anger with this one. Thankyou!

(1 edit)

I present to you... a supreme victory

Check the timestamps for the gameplay

Gave this a go! It was eventful lol

Game was absolutely fire!!!


This was.....something....

It’s the last gameplay 👍🏾

I got a little too scared...

Gameplay at the beginning 

Im the only person in the world who cant beat this game!