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Ayoub Gharbi

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Appreciated Sparrow ^

I couldn't post a comment in the LD website, so I'm posting it here :)

The graphics are great along with the VFXs, it was well done!
I liked the idea of keep rolling dices and have some more dices coming that you need to choose between. 
The game is challenging but maybe a bit redundant as you need to do the same things on and on and maybe because I hate dices (so much luck-based xD)

Anyway, keep up the good work :)
I don't mind you check our game as well :p 

Thanks @Freaky,
Yeah the infinite re spawning batteries  was a  test feature  but unfortunately we didn't remove at the end. We are working at the moment on enhancing the character movements and behaviors. Also, we will be adding various enemies to the game, stay tuned!

Hey @dzejkop,
Thank you for the feedback, we are planning to continue developing the game and make it in a way that the player can plan his movements before hand :)


Niceu :))

Glad that you liked it :)

Appreciated :)

Thank you @LogosLudos :) 
We will surely continue the development of the game starting from the next month ^^

Thank you for the feedback! We will surely have a key binding menu so you will be able to change it with what suits you the most :)

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We have a background music, didn't you get it? Also, there are some sfxes.

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Hey dg!
The problem is with the webgl version, try to refresh and play the game or you can download the windows version, thanks for the support!

Great work :)

Teach me senpai x)

Good job Sam!
Great sprites!

@BayatGames, can I work on the game? I see that there is no active contributors on Github, the game has a good potential out there x)